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Dr. Mehmet Oz wrote the Dr. Oz You on a Diet book with Michael Roizen. The diet plan starts with guns blazing. The dieter must clean out the refrigerator and pantry and restock with healthy items. This is not an option for families on a limited food budget. The food choices in the book are limited so the dieter will have to create a dedicated shopping list and resort to that list over and over again. There is a bit of monotony in the eating plan, but foods are chosen for overall health and weight loss. There are no missing nutrients, just missing variety. The eating plan also allows the dieter to eat out at fast food and other restaurants along the way. An exercise program is described in the book. The dieter must walk 30 minutes a day and workout three times a week for 20 minutes.

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There are five pillars for the Dr. Oz You on a Diet plan. Always keep snack foods within reach to fight off hunger. Do not eat any food within three hours of bed time. Eat until you feel full not until you feel stuffed. Use a smaller plate to control portions. Eat desserts every other day.

Using these pillars the dieter can create a personalized eating plan without buying the Dr. Oz You on a Diet book. There is nothing new in these pillars and most healthy diet choices are based on these same rules. If the average dieter could control portions, stop eating desserts and exercise every day of the week they would not need a diet for weight loss.

Dr. Oz advocates measuring waist line instead of weighing in every day. This is another tactic to keep the dieter positive. If the scale steps up a few notches, the dieter may feel the meal plan and exercise program is not working and they will fall off the plan. Reserving the measurements for one day a week gives the dieter something to look for and keeps them from reading too much into a weight measurement.

The Dr. Oz You on a Diet book sells for less than $10 on Amazon.com. The most common complaint about the book is the fact that cartoon illustrations are used and the information is already commonly known.

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  • Supports healthy eating and exercise.


  • Common knowledge.


The Dr. Oz You on a Diet is a book full of common tips and tricks for weight loss. The average dieter does not have the money to clean out the refrigerator and pantry and start new. The dieter may have more luck with another diet and a proven supplement.

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