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The Dr. Perricone Diet is a 28-day plan aimed at reducing the signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and puffiness. The diet is often incorrectly described as a 3-day plan because 3-day menus are available online free. The diet is based on the book The Perricone Prescription. The book describes a healthy eating plan to lower saturated fat intake, eliminate refined sugars from the diet and eliminate high glycemic carbohydrates. These tips are commonly addressed in weight loss plans, so the Dr. Perricone Diet may help a dieter lose weight.

List of Ingredients

28-day eating plan to reduce the signs of aging.

Product Features

The 3-day menu available online is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and low fat foods. Meals are centered on lean protein, fruits and complex grains. A typical breakfast consists of egg whites, salmon and oatmeal. Spring water is suggested throughout the day and with every meal. Three meals and two snacks are allowed on the Dr. Perricone Diet.

There is no mention of calories in the free information on the diet. Egg whites and oatmeal are relatively low in calories, but salmon is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and thus is higher in calories. In addition to eating foods from a prescribed list, dieters are expected to use Dr. Perricone skin products. These products are quite expensive and may be eliminated if the dieter simply wants a natural means of weight loss and anti-aging.

Many dieters complain about potential mercury poisoning from eating so much salmon and tuna – two fish known to be high in mercury levels. These fish are included for the natural oils so a white fish could be substituted if an omega 3 supplement is taken with the fish. There is room for food replacements as long as the replacement offers a similar nutritional profile.

Dieters allergic to seafood, nuts, lactose or certain berries may wish to try another plan. These foods appear over and over again throughout the 28-days on the diet.

The Perricone Prescription sells for $10.87 on Amazon.com. The book details the entire Dr. Perricone Diet. Consumers are not convinced that the Dr. Perricone Diet is anything more than an advertisement for the doctor’s expensive topical supplements. A 2-ounce bottle of topical lipoic acid retails for $95 from Dr. Perricone. Far more expensive than other skin creams for anti-aging.

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  • Information is available free online.
  • Supports healthy eating and reduced simple carbohydrates.


  • The book could be an advertisement for expensive supplements.


There is nothing new in the Dr. Perricone Diet. It eerily looks like the Mediterranean Diet with expensive topical supplements thrown in for anti-aging. We suggest following a healthy diet for weight loss rich in omega 3 fatty acids for skin health.

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