Dr. Perricone Three Day Diet Review

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Based on the 28 day anti-aging diet, the Perricone Prescription, the Three Day Diet is a trial run for those who want to see the immediate short term effects before engaging in the entire program. Dr. Perricone’s research concluded that certain foods we eat can cause water retention and inflammation which in turn creates premature aging issues such as wrinkles and lose skin. The program reduces saturated fats, refined sugar and high glycemic carbohydrates to improve the appearance of skin and assist with weight loss along the way.

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The three day trial provides a very specific menu to be followed for best results. Those who follow the meal plan claim to see a variety of results including: reduction in facial puffiness, red eye relief, and feeling an overall increase in energy. The meal plan consists of plenty of spring water, salmon, and fresh fruits and vegetables. There is also a moderate amount of healthy fat and dairy, in the form of olive oil, nuts, and plain yogurt. It is recommended that the salmon be wild, due to antibiotics and chemicals in farmed salmon, but as this can be difficult and expensive to obtain, organic salmon will suffice. Always be sure to eat the protein first. When you wake up in the morning, drink at least 8 to 12 ounces of water before eating breakfast. The diet will help to increase metabolism and cell rejuvenation.

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  • Many people speak highly of this diet and its results.


  • The diet is not targeted specifically for weight loss.
  • The diet can get costly.
  • The book pushes some of Dr. Perricone’s expensive treatments, and we don’t think he should endorse himself to try to get more business.
  • The meal plan is very specific.
  • The diet is best for women.


The advice presented in the book and in the three day version of the diet will produce a positive impact on your skin, and for many, the welcome side effect of weight loss. For those who are genuinely interested in the program, purchasing the book isn’t a bad thing, but we believe the same thing can be accomplished for less money through monitoring your diet and reducing saturated fats, refined sugar and high glycemic carbohydrates. We do like it because improving the skin without the use of topical treatments full of chemicals is always a plus.

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    come faccio a sapere quali sono gli integratori e i cosmetici adatti per me?


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    how is the oatmeal prepare??