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Dr. Richard Cohen originally began his medical career as an infertility specialist. During this time, he discovered obesity to be a contributing factor to the infertility epidemic and turned his efforts to combating the weight problem. After three years of research he developed the First Personal Diet, a personalized 12 week long diet plan for individuals based on the results of a battery of blood tests including: blood sugar level, liver function, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels, and more.

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Richard Cohen’s First Personal Diet takes a blood sample from an interested individual, collected at a local lab, and has it analyzed through a variety of tests. Though some of them are listed on the website, a complete list of tests is not available. The site claims that after the analysis, a completely unique, personalized eating plan is developed for you, which tells you what to eat in what amounts and when. This method of a balanced eating plan claims to make fat loss safe and quick by turning the food you eat into your medicine or weight loss supplement. The plan also says that if you exercise now, to continue doing so in moderation to prevent your appetite from increasing; if you do not exercise now, you should wait until you are slightly healthier to begin a routine at which point you should listen to your body’s cues.

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  • The diet is balanced so it doesn’t deprive you of any particular group of foods.


  • The test costs $249 plus $35 more for US residents to process, with more blood work required after four weeks for monitoring purposes.
  • You don’t really know if the plan is personalized to you or not, sent the analysis is conducted in another country.
  • The program doesn’t address the requirement of exercise, claiming that if you don’t already do it, you can wait to start.
  • The full list of tests conducted in the lab is not provided on the website.
  • We don’t know if they send the results to you and discuss what they mean with you or if they keep the results to themselves before generating your plan.


While the concept sounds amazing, as though it may be the miracle answer to all weight loss problems, the lack of evidence to support the diet is a great deterrent. When you combine this with the fact that there’s no way to prove what, if any, tests are conducted on your blood sample, and if the results are actually shared with you or considered in your plan, it is an awfully risky endeavor to spend $249 on. We recommend seeing a medical doctor to have your own lab work conducted here, and then discussing the results with your doctor to determine if a nutritionist would be able to assist you in developing a diet based on your body chemistry. This method would at least be more reliable.

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    Lara Dizon

    Hello there! I want to try this diet because i gained since last year. I am 140+lbs now in a 5’4.5 in height. I am overweight and I need to loose weight because I am soon graduating in my bachelor’s degree this coming April. I want to lose weight as soon as possible. I am from the Philippines, 21 years old. Thank you! I am waiting for your response..


  • 2

    I just want to say that i am on this diet, and it is worth every peny. The labs you go to online and pay for it then print out a paper and take it to a lab they take your blood and send the results to you and Dr.Cohen and it shows you what they test for. Then you get your diet 1 week later. (ish)Its about going back to the basics of eating healthy. After the 12 weeks the program also gives you the “refeeding” portion and teaches how to eat normally after the diet. So you can MAINTAIN your weight and not gain it all back.