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Dr. Roy Walford’s Interactive Diet Planner is a downloadable program that offers a database of information about caloric content, nutrient information, and other minuscule nutritional informational on 3,000 common foods, which also include personal selections by Dr. Walford. Food selections are browsable through the search engine feature and consumers have to option to set up a diet profile, allowing them to create food lists specific to their dietary needs.

Dr. Roy Walford’s Interactive Diet Planner is one of the few downloadable food databases that enables dieters to easily search for dietary information by simply browsing the database, and access to this program only involves a simple download from their website. This program is not free, however, and consumers may obtain a full, workable version after becoming a member of Calorie Restriction Society, an exclusive community offered by Dr. Walford. A trial version is also available for guests.


Dr. Roy Walford’s Interactive Diet Planner allows users to browse and view important dietary information about food and liquids.

Product Features

Dr. Roy Walford’s Interactive Diet Planner is a simple program that has basic functions to help dieters count calories and figure out nutritional values. Its database consists of over 3,000 food items with specific nutritional and caloric counts, which may be a helpful tool for dieters who are counting calories. It may also help dieters who are on specific dieters, such as the Atkins Diet or a diabetic diet. Consumers may also create a profile where they can list their height, weight, and the type of nutrition desired, which creates a personalized database that meet the specified criteria. From there a number of tables and charts are created that show the nutritional and caloric content consumed during the day, including deficiencies in the daily diet and daily nutritional values. As a dieting aid it may not offer complete support for dieters, but the vast amount of caloric information available may be useful for making educated decision about what to eat. Walford’s program is geared towards those on a calorie-restricted diet (commonly called CR), however, and may suggest dieters consume less calories than may be medically approved.

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  • A fully compatible trial version is available for free download on his website.
  • Over 3,000 food and drink items are listed in nutritional detail, including sugar and calorie counts.


  • The full version is only attainable by becoming a member of Walford’s Calorie Restriction Society.
  • Is geared towards those on a CR or calorie restricted diet.
  • Only serves as an informational tool; dieters should not depend on it to make important decision about how to eat.


Dr. Roy Walford’s popular Interactive Diet Planner allows consumers to access a huge database of food and drink nutritional information by simply using their search engine, and utilizing the profile option allows them to get a glimpse on how many calories and nutrients they are consuming. Dr. Roy Walford requires a full subscription to his service to keep the program, however, which involves subscribing to a CR diet, a controversial diet criticized for being too low in calories and nutritional content. It may serve as an important nutritional database for dieters, but there are similar programs that offer the same benefits without requiring dieters to subscribe to any service.

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3 User Reviews about Dr Roy Walfords Interactive Diet Planner

  • 1
    Ellis Toussier

    You say that it is a “disadvantage” that a full version is only attainable by becoming a member of Walford’s Calorie Restriction Society. Why is this a disadvantage? So you are saying that his free version, which I think is excellent, has a disadvantage because there is a better version that is also available free, but you have to sign up to his Calorie Restriction Society… That seems like a small price to pay, which might benefit you, and which you can quit if you want to.

    Dr. Walford, by the way, is dead. He was a great man, and he did some great things for Humanity. I am a great admirer of Dr. Walford, but I do not subscribe to calorie restriction myself. Dr. Walford’s formula was simple: “Given a set number of nutrients, less calories is always better than more calories.” In other words, CHOOSE YOUR FOOD wisely, according to the NUTRIENTS. Therefore, VEGETABLES are almost always much better than JUNK FOOD because 100 calories of vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and enzymes. You can use the FREE version of Dr. Walford’s Diet Planner to compare the nutrients that you get in 100 grams of VEGETABLES with the nutrients that you get in 100 calories Potato Chips or Chocolate Cake, and you will see very quickly that vegetables win hands down.

    This is one of the extraordinarily great pieces of software that I used many years ago to learn more about good nutrition, and I think you should re-think your low appreciation of it… in honor of a great man and one of my greatest teachers. – Ellis Toussier


  • 2
    Yaakov Weber

    How do you purchase

    Dr Roy Walfords Interactive

    Diet Planner?


  • 3
    Roy O'Neil

    Do you have Diet Planning software that will run under Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7?