Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4 Review

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You certainly do not have to settle for a weight loss product that does not yield real results. With the vast array of diet pills, liquids, and supplements on the market today, there is always another option out there. You simply have to take the time to find a weight loss product or method that works for you. We will now provide the details on Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4, which is one diet product you can acquire through online stores for $17.99. It was marketed on TV, and is claimed to contain “breakthrough” ingredients.


  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones 125mg
  • White Kidney Bean Extract 10,000mg
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract 88mg

Product Features

Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4 is a tablet formula that is all-natural. It is manufactured by Doctor’s Select Nutraceuticals. This weight loss formula contains a unique combination of key ingredients to help boost the metabolism, burn off excess body fat, inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates, and burn off calories at a faster rate. Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4 is taken daily with water, but no special diet is recommended with this product. Although regular exercise is not mentioned, it will increase your chances of weight loss.

There are four active ingredients found in Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4. One of which is Green Coffee Bean Extract. It contains Chlorogenic Acid and Caffeine to increase the body’s metabolism. This helps you burn off calories more rapidly. Raspberry Ketones is also used in this diet supplement, and assists by burning off calories. Cayenne Pepper Extract is included to aid with fat burning, and White Kidney Bean Extract is incorporated to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates. This helps prevent weight gain.

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  • This weight loss product is made from natural ingredients.
  • Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4 is suitable for women and men alike.
  • This diet pill is easy to find for sale online.


  • The White Kidney Bean Extract used in this product may cause serious gas and bloating.
  • There are no guarantees made with Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4.
  • A healthy lifestyle is not encouraged with this supplement.
  • Some people may experience allergic reactions to this weight loss product.


With so many diet pills and weight loss products at your disposal, it can be tough choosing one. Well, in regards to Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4, this product is not really supported by clinical evidence or raving customer testimonials and success stories. While it does contain a unique combination of natural ingredients, it might still lead to side effects like serious gas and abdominal bloating. Be sure you are not allergic to any ingredients used in Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4 before you try it.

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19 User Reviews about Dr.’s Select Weight Loss 4

  • 1

    I just started today taking the weight loss 4 with garcinia, neupuntia, Raspberry ketone, Green coffee


  • 2

    I just punched select four and I am anticipating good results, but not mericals. I think it is a good product in that it is all natural results.


  • 3

    Do you take all three gummies at once?


  • 4

    I would like to know why I walk 3 miles a day watch what I eat and it isn’t doing anything for me if anything I’ve gained weight


  • 5

    how should i use it properly …so i can see resuts?


  • 6
    Kathy Martin

    Does this product contain caffeine or any natural ingredients that can effect blood pressure. I have high blood pressure


  • 7

    I have been taking it and just recently I started having an aching pain on my right side where my ribs are. Then I started to itch just in that same area and now I have a painful rash. I don’t know if it’s this weight loss pill or maybe shingles. So I came here looking to see if anyone else has had this happen. I’m just trying to figure our what can be causing it. Thanks.


    Your Name

    I’ve been taking the same for over a week and I to have had a pain for 3 days n my kidney and rib area but on the left side. I was wondering if it’s these pills so I quit taking for a day and feeling better.


  • 8

    I really like this product and am having good results. The one I’m using has garcenia cambogia not white kidney bean. Where can I get the one I’m using?



    Walmart has the one you are using. I just purchased it today.


  • 9

    what happened to the one with garcenia cambogia in it instead of white kidney bean extract ?



    I got mine at rite aid it has the garcenia cambogia. I just started hope it works, but because of the review warnings bout high blood pressure I’m not taking full 3 until I see how my blood pressue goes.


  • 10

    I have 4days taking these pills and yes it works because i haved lost 6lbs in 4days with out doing any ecercise.it works all u have to do just have faith and be positive so u can see ur results.


  • 11

    I have Diabetes and I have only been taking this pill for two weeks. It has lowered my blood sugar in half and it a miracle pill for me! I highly recommend if you are diabetic to at least try it. Nothing else has worked for me. Since taking it my blood pressure is normal and my sugar is so much better. I’ve only lost one pound but it has helped my diabetes so much that I am going to continue to take it whether I lose weight or not. As far as my sugar levels it helped immediately in the first three days I noticed a tremendous change for the better.


  • 12

    I have been taking this for about a month now, and yes I do exercise and try to watch what I eat, more portion wise, no extreme dieting or extreme exercising. I have had colleagues notice the weight I’ve lost, and now I’ve notice too. And I haven’t had any side effects.


  • 13

    Could breast tenderness be a side effect of this at all?


  • 14
    Sandra Semro

    did not loose any weight at all. how do I get my money back?


  • 15
    Sally DeSelms

    I have been taking Weight Loss 4 for about 3 weeks now and I have seen a discoloration in my urine but have also started having this itching all over my body from the tips of my fingers to the bottom of my feet. It doesnt seem to be outside bumps it seems to be inside. I can’t find the side of effects for this product.



    thats not a sideffect that is an alergic reaction. all the ingrediants in this pill are natrual extracts unless your body dont agree with it or you are allergic to one of the ingrediants you should not have any sideffects