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Dr. Bill Sears, who earned his medical degree from Harvard, is known as “America’s Pediatrician.” In addition to his practice, he has written over 30 books on the subject of child health and nutrition, and works as the medical and parenting consultant for BabyTalk and Parenting magazines. Dr. Sears produces a line of child nutritional products by the same name.

List Of Ingredients

This review covers more than one product. Please look at a specific product in the Dr. Sears line for a list of ingredients.

Product Features

Dr. Sears produces an entire line of health products for children designed to help support children’s growth and development. The products are also supposed to play a role in their learning capacity, attitude and focus. The products include: Dr. Sears Popumz Bite-Sized Crisps available in: chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough, and buttered blue popcorn flavors; Omega 3 DHA Supplements available in fruit chews, soft gels and liquid; and Dr. Sears Little Champions multi-vitamins. The products are available from the Dr. Sears website as well as several online retailers. The price directly from Dr. Sears is a bit higher than the prices we have seen on other websites, but depending on the product and the merchant, you can expect to pay anywhere from $9 to $27. The website is very informative and not only offers information on the products and Dr. Sears himself, but offers a section called “Ask Dr. Sears” that contains information on a variety of topics ranging from vaccinations to the best breakfast foods and more.

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  • The products are developed and promoted by a doctor, so they are considered trustworthy.


  • The products seem to be a little pricey for what they are, and therefore may be out of the budget of some parents.
  • The products are only available online.
  • These products have nothing to do with diet or weight loss.


Dr. Bill Sears is providing parents with a line of products that will help keep their children healthy and strong. By starting good health habits early in life, parents are taking steps to ensure against many health problems later in life, including being overweight or obese. Though we cannot recommend these products for weight loss purposes, we believe Dr. Sears is on the right track.

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    Mel Meck

    I do not receive any updates or information from Dr. Sears. I enjoyed reading them and especially about all his great trips and the different new herbs he found.

    Do I need to do something?


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    Susan Berkey

    I am a distributor of Juice Plus and I have written a short book about Bio-Identical Hormones. I would appreciate Dr. Sears looking at my book, it would take no more than 20 min., and write a 4 or 5 line foreword. My book is a tool for women to take to their dr. so they can be a partner in their health care. Thank you so much, Susan Berkey 330-497-8927