Dr. Semel Skin Care Products Review

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Dr. Semel is a plastic surgeon based in the Beverely Hills area, who has been practicing for more than 20 years. In addition to his surgery, he works on developing a variety of skin care products. As a surgeon, Dr. Semel is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has quite a reputation for his work, featured on various television shows and magazines. This review will take a closer look at his overall skin care product line to see if the products offer any benefit to the skin in reducing the signs of aging. The doctor claims to be continuously researching so as to be able to add additional products to the line.

Product Details

Dr. Semel Skin Care products has a full line of items targeted to treat acne, prevent and repair damage to the skin, and exfoliate. The full list of products includes: Easy Peel, Face It, Face It Acne Wash, Face It Dryer, Triple Moisture, Collagen Stimulator, Eye Repair, Face and Body Cream, Night Cream Extra, Return Extra, Timelapse G, Timelapse Wand, Tone & Tight, Vitamin Cream, Almond Wash, Day Peel, Night Peel, and Lastic Peel. The product descriptions on the website list a few ingredients and their purpose, but doesn’t release the entire list. The price range varies greatly, with some products on the lower end, such as creams, at around $20 with the Collagen Stimulator at the high end, at $155. The products are available directly from Dr. Semel’s product line website (separate from his surgery practice, which is nice for consumers) and through various outlets online.

The Good

  • The products are made by a board certified surgeon who knows about skin.

The Bad

  • Without the full list of ingredients for all the products, we cannot tell how effective they really are./li>
  • Though the doctor claims his products are researched and developed, we don’t see any proof of his research. Being a doctor earns a bit of trust, but we’d sill like to see the research to prove the products will work.
  • The more expensive products in the line are the ones designed to repair the skin and prevent further wrinkles and lines.

The Bottom Line

While we love that the products are developed by a doctor who knows his stuff about skin because of his work in plastic surgery, we cannot recommend these products based on the knowledge we have presented to us. Without knowing exactly what’s in the formulas and seeing some form of his research that went into the product development, we can’t verify the claims.

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