Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Review

Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

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Dr. Shapiro is the founder of the Howard M. Shapiro Medical Associates medical office in New York City. Although they are a multidisciplinary group they have had much success in weight control and life management. By combining nutritional counseling as well as psychological counseling the group has been able to assist people in weight loss and weight loss maintenance. This experience is the foundation of the book.

Dr. Shapiro makes it clear that your food choices are very important. He clearly shows how it is possible to eat one’s favorite foods, in moderation or slightly modified, and still lose weight. Exchanging and ice cream sundae for a frozen yogurt sundae is one example of making a lower calorie choice. Although low calorie choices are encouraged, actually counting calories is not because to do so only creates frustration on the part of the dieter. The slow introduction to the diet plan is good for beginners and subsequent weeks build upon the skills learned in the first week.

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Product Features

The goal of Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan is to teach people more about healthy eating options. Nutritional information is given and portion sizes are visually compared so readers are better able to grasp the size of a portion in regards to its caloric content. Advice is given on how to begin to be ready to eat more healthfully, followed by examples, and ends with a bit of advice on how to maintain healthy eating patterns.

  • Calorie Reduction
  • Emphasis on choice.
  • Deprivation not encouraged.
  • FAT: Food Awareness Training
  • Images of the food comparisons.
  • No forbidden foods.

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  • The diet plan is less restrictive than most.
  • The many pictures are great for visually oriented dieters.< li>
  • Numerous meal examples and recipes provided to help get dieters started.< li>


  • The information is appropriate only for those beginning to be conscious of weight loss because it is very rudimentary.
  • This book does not spell out what a person should eat, rather it discusses healthy versus unhealthy options.
  • May be difficult for a person with an affinity for red meat to adjust to as vegetarian options are emphasized.
  • No guidance for exercise given.
  • Many high sodium foods recommended


The program is best suited for those who have very little experience with healthy eating and nutrition in general. It does give an excellent overview of portion sizes and healthy alternatives. However, as there is not a specific guideline it is not recommended for people who are looking for a definitive and instructional guide for their weight loss journey.

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