Dr Shapiros Picture Perfect Weight Loss Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss is a series of books, DVDs, and CDs that use pictures to illustrate food portions, healthy eating habits, and ways to measure the right amount of food through visual cues. His weight loss plan has been featured heavily on numerous publications and TV shows, including Good Morning America and The View, along with the award winning show 48 Hours. Consumers have noted his visual approach to weight loss has helped them learn how to eat properly, and no products are off limits for his diet as pizza and cookies are even allowed.

With winning accolades from numerous publications and consumers alike, Dr. Shapiro’s weight loss program is considered innovative due to its visual approach. Dieters have also chimed in on the benefits of his visual books, saying that his illustrative examples are easier to learn than by reading text. His books are also very affordable, and can be purchased off most Internet retailers for about $19.95. For some Dr. Shapiro’s visual approach to weight loss may be refreshing and easy to learn, but some are questioning how truthful he is about certain caloric and nutritional amounts listed in his book.


Dieters are shown examples of food that is unhealthy and healthy, illustrated by examples.

Product Features

Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss features numerous books, CDs, and DVDs, but his original Picture Perfect Prescription is his original and most popular book. In his book he simply shows two examples of foods that meet certain caloric amounts. One example typically illustrates a high caloric and unhealthy item, such as a cookie, and another example features healthy food that adds up to the same caloric amount. Dr. Shapiro claims this is an easier way to learn how to eat healthy, and seeing the amount of healthy food stacked against the unhealthy food should entice dieters to want to eat bigger amounts of the healthy food instead. Some dieters have said this approach is easy and effortless to learn, and many desire to eat the healthy food instead once it is compared in that fashion. Dieters have not indicated it has helped them lose weight, however, which may be an issue with this diet. Dr. Shapiro does not claim to help dieters lose weight. Instead, he claims to help dieters make wiser choices about the food they choose to eat.

Some experts have also raised concerns about how honest he is about certain unhealthy caloric amounts. Some unhealthy food may be listed as having bigger caloric amounts that is typically expected, and some say he may have raised the caloric amount to trick dieters into wanting the healthier option.

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  • Featured on Good Morning America and 48 Hours.
  • Uses visual cues to show appropriate caloric amounts of unhealthy and healthy food choices.


  • Does not claim to be a diet. Only says it may help dieters make smarter food choices.
  • Some experts have criticized Dr. Shapiro for rounding up certain caloric amounts for unhealthy food choices.
  • Encourage dieters to eat all sorts of foods, even foods that may be unhealthy.


Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss is a visual winner for some dieters, who state that the illustrations are easy to learn and help them make wise choices about the food they consume. It does not promote itself as a diet, however, and consumers looking for a legitimate diet won’t find much advice here. Instead, picture showing appropriated healthy food amounts are claimed to help dieters prevent overeating, and it may be helpful for those who want to learn how to eat properly and nutritionally.

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