Dr Simeon S New HCG Weight Loss Diet Drops Review

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Dr. Simeon’s New hCG Weight Loss Diet Drops are used in conjunction with the original Dr. Simeon’s diet to promote weight loss and restart metabolism. For more than 50 years, the Dr. Simeon’s diet has been circulating in one form or another. The plan starts with gorging on high fat foods for two days. After the gorging period, the dieter eats less than 500 calories a day for three to six weeks. The gorging phase is simple; it is the follow weeks that make the diet very difficult to maintain. Dr. Simeon’s New hCG Weight Loss Diet Drops are consumed from the first day of the diet until three days before the end of the third week. During this time, the hCG is supposed to promote fat burn for energy, which is why the dieter does not feel hungry. Despite extensive Internet coverage and support, the Dr. Simeon diet is unhealthy and may leave the dieter in starvation mode.

List of Ingredients

Liquid hCG.

Product Features

On a basic level, there is a problem with Dr. Simeon’s New hCG Weight Loss Diet Drops. If hCG increased metabolism and promoted fat loss, pregnant women would be skinny as a board. They have hCG in their blood for nine months during pregnancy. Natural hCG does not promote metabolism so how is an oral drop going to have this effect?

There are no ingredients listed for Dr. Simeon’s New hCG Weight Loss Drops. If the drops contain stimulants or other natural fat burners, we would support weight loss claims. The truth behind the hCG drops is not the metabolism-boosting effects of hCG, but the lower than normal caloric intake that forces the body to use alternative means of energy for survival. The body uses a set number of calories for brain and organ function. This number is different for everyone, but it typically falls in the 1,500 to 2,000 calorie range. If the dieter eats only 500 calories per day, the remaining caloric needs must be fulfilled by other means. Despite the claims of fat loss, it is probably muscle loss that boosts weight loss when dieters follow the Dr. Simeon’s diet.

Dr. Simeon’s New hCG Weight Loss Diet Drops cost about $8 per bottle. Some companies charge more than $60, but this is just a scam.

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  • None.


  • Very low calorie diets lead to rebound weight gain.
  • hCG does not boost metabolism.
  • No clinical studies support claims by Dr. Simeons.


Dieters who want to lose weight should not eat less than 500 calories a day. This leads to starvation, muscle loss and extreme hunger. No homeopathic drop will eliminate the need for food-based calories.

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