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Dr. Smoothie is a brand of smoothie products that are not marketed specifically as diet products. Instead, they are marketed as a healthy product and an excellent way to make sure you are getting enough fruits in your daily diet. The company was created in 1997 with a focus on creating delicious and all natural fruit smoothies. It has since expanded to include supplement powders to enhance health, a variety of snack bars and sports beverage mixes. We will take a closer look at how these products can help dieters.< p>

List Of Ingredients

The various products offered by Dr. Smoothie have different lists of ingredients. All of the fruit smoothies are dairy free and made from fresh fruit.

Product Features

The goal of Dr. Smoothie products is to enhance health through all natural fruit smoothies and an assortment of other products. While there are a few products that are not liquid, or added to a liquid, for the most part the emphasis is on liquid nutrition. The difference with the liquids offered by Dr. Smoothie is that they claim to taste better and to be a healthier choice for dieters and non-dieters alike. There are numerous drink mixes that claim to provide a variety of health benefits and also some mixes that can be used as complete meal substitutes.

  • Emphasis on fruit drinks.
  • Relies heavily on powdered dietary supplements.
  • Deprivation not encouraged.
  • 100% fruit option
  • No forbidden foods.

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  • No high fructose corn syrup.
  • No artificial colors or flavors.< li>
  • Numerous options< li>
  • Many popular flavors.< li>
  • Shelf stable.< li>


  • Not organic.
  • Not a specific weight loss plan.
  • No guidance for exercise given.
  • Emphasis on nutrition through liquids.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • May be difficult to locate.


While Dr. Smoothie does have numerous advantages such as offering 100% fruit drinks and supplements that may improve overall health, it is not an ideal diet plan. It would be most useful in introducing additional fruits to another diet plan rather than as a standalone plan. Most liquid plans require a severe reduction in calories, which is why they are effective. However, once a normal diet is resumed weight usually returns rapidly. In the case of Dr. Smoothie, there is not even a recommendation for restricting caloric intake, so it would be less effective than most liquid diet plans. While the company does offer meal replacements, in addition to the smoothies and drink mixes, it does not include recommendations for how to incorporate them into a weight loss plan. Overall these products may be incorporated into a healthy weight loss plan but would not be effective by themselves.

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    I work in a coffeeshop, and we recently replaced our smoothie-mixes (Barrie House) with Dr. Smoothie mixes. Apart from the fact that preparing smoothies takes more time now because they require to add a certain amount of water, not just adding the mix to ice and blending, I am hesitant to recommend our smoothies to customers. Why? Because they contain an insane amount of sugar, their flavors are bland compared to Barrie House’s flavors, and the composition reveals that Dr. Smoothie is trying to sell a low-quality product at a high price by claiming it is “healthy”.


    - a small (12 oz) smoothie, as sold in our coffee shop, prepared according to Dr. Smoothie’s instructions, contains between 41 and 74 grams of sugar. This is way more than the daily allowance of 20g added sugar for an adult, as recommended by the European Community standards. Now Dr. Smoothie claims their products have “no sugar added”, but that is a bit of a twist. Technically, they don’t add refined sugar, but adding grape and pear juice concentrates means adding sugar. The purpose of adding those fruit juice concentrates is to sweeten the mix, and it does not make any difference whether the sugar is dissolved in the fruit juice concentrate, or has been crystallized by evaporating the liquid. Sugar from fruit juice concentrate is not any less harmful than refined sugar.

    - the flavors are bland, probably because Dr. Smoothie adds cheap banana puree to all of their smoothie mixes. That is why I’m calling it “low quality”. High quality requires a high amount of the fruit which is claimed to be the primary flavor, e.g. mango, and not stretching the product with cheap ingredients like banana puree, grape juice, and pear juice in amounts that add up to more than 50% in the mix.

    - the addition of fruit other than specified as the primary flavor makes it difficult for customers with allergies to find out if they will tolerate the food. Especially as it is not obvious that other fruits are added in the mix.

    - There is nothing “healthy” about the Dr. Smoothie mixes, and nothing to promote weight loss, just the opposite. Sugar-laden (two to four times the amount of sugar per ounce of ready-to-consume smoothie than smoothies prepared with the Barrie House mixes), the labeling misleading, and false claims, on top of bland, sometimes slightly off (e.g.blueberry-banana) flavors, way too sweet in taste, and stretched with cheap ingredients, that’s my conclusion about the Dr. Smoothie mixes.