Dr. Solomon’s High Health Review

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Books about good health, diet, and exercise are among the most popular genre in the bookstore and the library these days as more people look for ways to lose weight, fight disease, and extend their life span. As diet fads come and go, so do many of the books, which makes it hard for interested people to find a good read. Dr. Solomon’s High Health and Exercise Plan: How to Make Cholesterol Work For You is still available used, from a variety of sellers online, with prices starting at just a penny plus shipping and handling. This review will take a closer look at the book to see what, if any value it has to offer people who are looking to start a new diet and get healthy.

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Due to the lack of information available on this book, we are unable to provide an in depth summary of its contents. We know that the book offers a diet and exercise plan, with the main focus being placed on cholesterol. A lot of people are confused because there are two types of cholesterol: good (HDL) and bad (LDL). The book discusses how cholesterol impacts the body. It also takes a look at how vitamin C and alcohol affect the body.

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  • The book contains a diet and exercise plan.


  • The book was published in 1980, so it is likely there have been new medical developments that outdate the information.
  • There was very little information available on the book itself.


One of the first things we noticed when writing this review was how difficult it was to find information about the book. Once we determined the book was published over 20 years ago in 1980, we determined this was likely the reason why. With information that old, chances are little to none of it applies today, as medical research continues to excel and provide new glimpses into ways to make the body work for us to become a more efficient machine. While it may be an interesting read for those who want to see what information was like back then compared to now, we don’t recommend it for those who want current, up to date information. We recommend finding a more up to date book that is not based on any sort of fad diet so you know the information can be trusted.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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