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As is the case with too many supplements on the market today, Dr Tea Slim uses the “Dr” title to convince dieters the product is safe. Just because the product name includes the term “Dr” does not mean the formula is safe, effective or proven to boost weight loss. There are lots of weight loss teas on the market that contain dangerous ingredients, but we will give Dr Tea Slim the benefit of the doubt and judge this product only on the ingredient list.

List of Ingredients


  • Nagarmotha – Cyperus Rotundus
  • Sonti – Ginger
  • Triphala Extract
  • Tagar – Valeriana Walichi
  • Musta
  • Pepper
  • Ppili
  • Baibidang Extract – Embella Ribes or
  • Baividang – Green Tea

Product Features

Though we were trying to give Dr Tea Slim the benefit of the doubt, it’s kind of hard to do with a confusing ingredient list.

Cyperus Rotundus is a flowering plant. The stems of the flower are commonly used to relieve pain. Natural pain relief is often included as part of some athletic or fitness supplements, but not traditionally slimming tea. There is some nutritional value to the plant so that provides some benefit for the dieter.

Sonti or ginger is used to calm the stomach. Again, this ingredient is found in plenty of fat burning and weight loss supplements, but typically only to ease the impact of stimulants on digestion and prevent nausea. No weight loss benefits are associated with ginger.

Triphala Extract appears to be a cleansing ingredient, which is exactly what we expected to find in a slimming tea. Cleansing ingredients force water and waste out of the body so the dieter thinks they are losing weight when they are actually just losing water. Laxatives can also force food out of the bowel before vitamins are absorbed.

Valeriana Walichi is listed as a sedative and stimulant. We are not sure how an ingredient can have both functions, but either way this is not a slimming ingredient proven to boost metabolism. Could be related to classic valerian root used to promote sleep.

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  • The ingredient list for Dr Tea Slim is available online.
  • There is an official website for the product.


  • The formula contains dangerous laxative ingredients.
  • Contains valerian root or a derivative of valerian root.


Dr Tea Slim did not prove to be any different from other slimming teas. The ingredient list is confusing and some of the ingredients are commonly used in cleansing teas. This product should not be used with prescription medications or during the day as it could cause sleepiness.

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16 User Reviews about Dr Tea Slim

  • 1

    Iam Taking treatment for hypothyroidism, can i take Dr.Tea for slimming??? does it have any side effects?????


  • 2
    Sumithra R

    Today only I place the order… Pls tell me Dr slim tea it’s a fake or tru……


  • 3

    wats d side effect of dr. tea


  • 4

    how to use that ? how many kgs reduce in a month … any side effects


  • 5

    Sori I mean it doesnt wrks on me have tried da whole packet


  • 6

    It does wrks on me have tried the whole packet but no effect


  • 7

    Quite honestly I resisted buying this product but finally I did.After three days I was feeling so ill and weak I have had to discontinue it.


  • 8

    What is the age limit to use dr tea?


  • 9

    I decreased weight with dr tea but i think i got severe heath problem also with this tea.i have hypothyroidism after usage of this tea.


    Your Name

    tnx a lot for telling this….i was abt to buy….


  • 10

    How to use that ?.. how many kgs reduce in a month… any side effects.


  • 11

    How many kgs can I reduce in a month


  • 12

    I have been drinking dr.tea for 15 days limiting my diet on fats and high calorie foods but haven’t noticed any change on me


  • 13

    I am taking this tea from last six days i didnt noticed any difference in my weight and my skin glowing may i know when i can noticed a difference in my i m taking this tea prior to my meal 45mints and m not eating any kind of fry food as am really health conscious my present weight is 57kg and my height is 164cm and i like to be 53 kg please help what else i should i do half an hour walk daily..


  • 14

    I m takng ths frm last week bt cnt see any changes,rytnw bt u said its works m dng xercise wid ths bt no result even saw weignt gain .?


  • 15

    dr tea is ther but i dont know useing formula .how to use dr tea. plz help me