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Dr. Roy Walford’s Interactive Diet Planner is a program available for download that will allow dieters to search through a catalog of over 3,000 food and drink items to determine caloric content, nutritional values and other important information. This is considered a very helpful tool for dieters who want a little extra help in planning their meals and grocery lists. Users even have the option to create their own profile which allows them to select foods based on their nutritional needs–for example, those who are following a diabetic or vegetarian diet will be able to make this indication which makes using the program even easier.

This program is one of the few of its kind, and while it is not free for everyone to use, there is a free trial that is fully functional for guests to try. There are several online databases containing caloric and nutritional information for a variety of foods, but this program is different because it requires no more than a quick download and makes meal planning simpler than using a website dedicated to calorie counting

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The program features a large database with information on many of the common foods people will encounter over the course of their dieting and weight loss ventures. It is designed to make meal planning and calorie counting easier on the dieter, to remove some of the stresses associated with the task. The tool may also provide great help to those who are following very specific diets, such as the Atkins Diet, because it makes it easy to find and track lists of foods that would be acceptable to eat within those guidelines.

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  • A full trial version is available for download on their website. This allows people to evaluate the program completely before deciding to join.
  • The program includes a database with caloric information on over 3,000 food and drink items, including sugar.


  • People can only get access to the program if they join Walford’s Calorie Restriction Society.
  • This software is targeted toward those who are using a calorie restricted diet.
  • Since this is only for informational purposes, it should not be heavily relied on by dieters in choosing what foods to eat during their meal times.


While we love the idea of the program and see how it could be a great help to dieters who are counting calories, we do not think it should be a program people have to pay for. We also do not believe weight loss needs to rely solely on calorie counting and severe intake restrictions.

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    Joan Madden

    Do you have an updated disk for Windows 7. I have had your previous disk for several years, but can’t install on 7. Also do you have a new book with receipes?