Dr Wheelers Gold Standard Protein Review

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The Dr Wheelers Gold Standard Protein program claims to help dieters lose more weight with a low fat, protein shake. The website is created by Nutranetics.


Protein Blend (calcium caseinate, milk protein concentrate, egg albumin, hydrolyzed soy protein, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein, glutamine peptide), high oleic sunflower oil, cocoa powder (in chocolate only), and a vitamin and mineral blend.

Product Features

Dr Wheelers Gold Standard Protein is a protein shake that can be used in combination with other lifestyle changes to aid in weight loss. The program is based on protein shakes that cost as much as $40.00 per month. The canisters are sold in three month supplies only which means the user will need to spend $120.00 for the first supply.

The website offers a money back guarantee, but there are no free trials offered. If the user does not like the product, they will need to return the unused portion of the shakes for a refund of the purchase price. There is no mention of shipping and handling costs being covered.

When clicking on the tabs of the website, there is more information available in regards to supplements and the testimonials, but this information just scrolls past. The viewer cannot utilize the website beyond the front page information unless they wish to order the product.

The website appears to be a source for sales only. There is a place to order the product, weight loss tips and testimonials, but these all appear on the front page of the website. There is no FAQs information or contact information provided on the website.

There are also no scientific studies supporting the use of protein on the website. Protein is supported in the medical community and evidence supporting the claims of the website would not be hard to find, however the website creators have failed to provide this tool to visitors.

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  • Protein can help reduce hunger.
  • There are testimonials on the website.
  • There are weight loss tips on the website.


  • Protein shakes are available in other forms.
  • The Gold Standard protein is no different from other forms of protein shakes.
  • The cost of the Gold Standard Protein is more expensive than other products.
  • The program weighs heavily on protein as the only weight loss supplement needed.
  • There are no fat burners in the program.
  • The testimonials do not offer before and after photos.


While protein shakes are often supported as part of a healthy weight loss program, the Dr Wheelers Gold Standard Protein seems to be an overpriced alternative. The website offers minimal information, no contact information and an order form on the front page without any information supporting the product aside from a few short blurbs. At this time we cannot support a product that does not offer enough information to the visitor.

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9 User Reviews about Dr Wheelers Gold Standard Protein

  • 1
    Gary Steiner

    I have used gold protein in the past and it worked greatI still have some and I need start again. What I need is the list of food I can eat along with the. Gold protein mix I have.I think the last time I was on the diet I lost 15pounds in a month but my birthday came durning the birthday and I fell off.the diet. There was a small supplement to the list it was you could eat different nuts. If you could help me I would appreciate it. THANKS GARY STEINER


  • 2

    I bought Dr. Wheeler’s Gold Standard Protein a while ago, and I started to loose weight after 2 weeks, and I kept on loosing!! I felt great and I looked great. My boy-friend started to loose weight sooner, 7-9 days after starting, that’s because men start loosing weight sooner than women.
    I had to stop as I was loosing too much weight. The secret is to ease off a bit when you’ve reached your ideal weight.
    I never found a diet that worked so well before and after a while very easy to stick to! I definitely recommend this product.


  • 3

    helloo dear i want tu know that in how many day i feel the result


  • 4

    What is the scientifically measured heavy metal content (ie, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury)per serving of Gold Standard Protein product?


  • 5
    Mr. Leslie Cox

    I’ve ordered the product before – which was 4 or 5 years ago – and had great results. But the question I have is, that when I ordered the product before I was always sent the standard information booklet – that would tell you how to use the product and what kinds of foods you could or couldn’t eat – along with every order. But now with this latest order there is no information booklet. I talked to a customer service rep and they told me that it’s not being published anymore. I found that hard to believe. Can anyone help me? Is there any way I can get access to that information booklet or some extensive quality information? Please help me.


  • 6
    judith stewart



  • 7
    Linda Simpson

    Does this product have artificial sweetners?


  • 8
    Linda Simpson

    Does this product contain artificial sweetners?


  • 9
    julie pinneo

    please send me info