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Drains the Oil Pills claim to increase fat loss by metabolizing fat and forcing it out of the body. This is a huge claim that the ingredient list simply cannot live up to. When we look into a supplement, we first search for a complete ingredient list from an official website. We did not find an official website for this supplement, so the ingredient list may not be complete. The ingredients also carry names not commonly used in the US, so the formula could be packaged outside the US and imported. Some of the ingredients are not used in weight loss supplements in the US.

List of Ingredients


  • Luoli Fruit
  • Purple Perilla
  • Konjac Powder
  • Chitin
  • L-Carnitine
  • Cloth Leaves Residue

Product Features

The first ingredient in Drains the Oil Pills is luoli fruit. We researched luoli fruit and found many other supplements that contain the same ingredient but none of the websites or companies explains the source or effect of the ingredient. If a dieter cannot find out why an ingredient is included in a supplement like Drains the Oil Pills then they should not take the supplement as the ingredient could be dangerous.

Purple Perilla is commonly used as a food product in countries like China, Japan and Korea. The plant is in the mint family and there is some support for use of the purple Perilla extract to fight the common cold, but no support for weight loss benefits.

Konjac powder is a fiber powder that may be included as an appetite suppressant. Konjac also have mild laxative properties, so this ingredient may cause increased bowel movements or diarrhea in some users. Konjac does not work like a stimulant laxative. It requires fluid to bulk up and “scrub” down the sides of the intestines as waste is moved from the body.

Chitin is another source of fiber derived from shellfish. Dieters with a food allergy to shellfish should not take Drains the Oil Pills.

Cloth leaves residue is another unknown ingredient. We searched high and low for a cloth plant or even a brief description of the action this extract has in the body with no luck. This is the second ingredient in Drains the Oil Pill with an unknown origin or action.

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  • An ingredient list is available online.


  • Contains two ingredients of unknown origin.
  • Contains two mild laxatives.


Drains the Oil Pills are not going to help the dieter lose weight. This supplement is also no safe for any dieter because two of the ingredients have no known source or function. These ingredients could be stimulants, laxatives, diuretics or something else.

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7 User Reviews about Drains The Oil Pills

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    Did you took the pill before or after breakfast?


  • 2

    I have been taking this pill since July 2012, I lost 14 pounds and lost so many inches. I went from size 10 to 6 petite in two months. No side effects at all. I have been to the doctor for blood test after four months of taking this pill and all is just fine.
    My personal opinion, this capsule work solo well, all my family, friends and co-workers are amazed hoe I look and feels.



    Did you have to work out while you were taking the pill ..?
    And did you change your diet at all ..?



    No that was the most amazing part of it. No exercise and no dieting…I stop using the pill in December to check for side effects. None! Now we are in February and I have gain 5 pounds but this is due to eating, drinking, and no exercise at all. Of course anyone gain weight like this in two months. So I just started again yesterday.



    would you beable to tell me where you get them from or the website?


    I was taking those pills in 2012 and it is true how it helps . I have not had any problems at all . I stopped taking them for almost 1 year to exercise and give my body some time out of meds but I I screwed up cos I a gained 8 pounds which i regret ; so I just started again but at the same time I am working out too. But they are amazing , I just hope it works for me again .


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    Elle M

    Trying find this sold in the US so no need to pay for shipping from China. Can you pls direct me?