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Dream Body Slimming Capsule is a weight loss product sold by Dream Body Weight Loss. The capsule includes one proven ingredient and the rest are laxatives and immune boosters. The addition of fiber could help stave off hunger, but the ingredient list does not specify how much fiber is included in the formula. Even the proven ingredient, green tea, is listed without amounts. We cannot support a weight loss supplement that is unwilling to divulge the amounts of each ingredient. Only a trace could be included and the dieter would not achieve weight loss benefits associated with that ingredient in trace amounts.

List of Ingredients

Bitter Orange, Green Tea Extract, Cassia Seeds, Lotus Leaf and Dietary Fiber.

Product Features

Bitter orange is another name for citrus aurantium or synephrine. Synephrine was touted as the replacement for Ephedra when it was banned by the FDA. Synephrine is not proven to have the fat burning effects of Ephedra so dieters will not gain the same benefits though side effects are similar between the two. Dieters taking synephrine will experience increased heart rate and blood pressure. There is some belief that the ingredient also causes liver damage.

Green tea extract is proven to boost metabolism in the right amount. Dream Body Slimming Capsules does not list the total amount of green tea in the supplement. This is unfortunate as green tea extract is the only ingredient in the formula proven to boost fat burn.

Cassia seeds are a natural laxative. Laxatives increase the number and frequency of bowel movements. While increasing waste production will decrease weight, the effects are only temporary. The body is constantly making and moving waste. When the laxative is stopped, waste will build up in the natural expelling cycle and weight will return.

Lotus leaf may boost immunity, but this ingredient has no effect on metabolism or weight loss. Dietary fiber is a healthy addition to Dream Body Slimming Capsule, but again, only in the right amounts. When fiber is taken about 30 minutes before a meal, it slows down digestion. This helps the dieter feel fuller, longer. Fiber is also a bulk-forming laxative so dieters need to drink lots of water when taking this supplement.

Dream Body Slimming Capsules retail for less than $40 a bottle.

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  • Green tea is clinical proven to boost metabolism.
  • Fiber may help curb hunger.
  • Sold online.
  • Ingredients listed on the official website.


  • Laxatives should not be used for weight loss.


Dream Body Slimming Capsules include laxatives and immune boosting ingredients. The proprietary blend hides ingredient amounts so the dieter has no idea what they are taking. This is a huge negative as proven weight loss supplements do not need to hide ingredients.

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