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Dream Body Weight Loss is a retail business that sells beauty and weight loss products. Some of the products are branded with the Dream Body name, but other products are from outside manufacturers. There is an online website and an offline bricks and mortar store selling Dream Body products. The current weight loss lineup includes products like Dream Body 450, Dream Body Advanced and Dream Body Extreme.

List of Ingredients


  • Weight loss supplements and beauty products.

Product Features

The Dream Body Weight Loss website does an extremely good job of listing ingredients and warning statements for each of the supplements it sells. With that said, not all of the supplements are ideal for weight loss.

Dream Body Weight Loss 450 contains cassia seed, known to have laxative effects on the human body. Laxatives should never be taken for more than a few days to combat occasional constipation. The Advanced Weight Loss and Cleanse formula falls into the same category, including both cassia seed and aloe – both natural laxatives. Dream Body Extreme is another of the self-branded supplements and it too contains cassia seed paired with dietary fiber. It looks like all of the Dream Body Weight Loss supplements contain cassia seed – a poor addition to any weight loss supplement.

As for the other weight loss supplements sold by Dream Body Weight Loss, many formulas contain some form of laxative or diuretic and the supplements or products that do not contain laxatives or diuretics are often useless supplements with no proven weight loss benefit.

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  • All supplements sold by Dream Body Weight Loss have a complete ingredient list on the official website.


  • Many of the supplements contain cassia seed – a natural laxative.
  • Both company branded and non-branded supplements contain laxatives.
  • Nearly all of the reviews are positive- this could mean the company picks and chooses which reviews to share.


Dream Body Weight Loss is a company that sells what they claim to be weight loss supplements, but we found laxatives not weight loss products. All of the Dream Body Weight Loss branded supplements contain at least one laxative – cassia seed. Many of the other weight loss products contain the same ingredient. When we looked closely at all of the ingredient lists, we found several of the same base formulas with just one or two other ingredients added to change up the formula. Many of the product descriptions are laden with misspelled words and irregular phrasing with use of words like fatness.

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