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Drinkables is a line of liquid health supplements produced by Remington Health Products, LLC, based in Fort Worth, Texas. Drinkables’ website is mostly devoted to its seven Drinkable health supplement products. According to the product website, liquid health supplements can contain more concentrated ingredients than pills or capsules. Also, liquid supplements are more effectively absorbed by the body than pills or capsules.


There is little information about the company on the website except for a stated Commitment to Quality and a Commitment to the Environment. The website has a glossary with many terms related to health supplements. Drinkables does not offer refunds or satisfaction guarantees with this product. There are no free samples offered on the official website either. There is a store locator to help customers locate local retailers of Drinkables. The company provides a Contact Us page with an address, toll-free phone, e-mail address and form that can be completed to contact the company.

Product Features

Drinkables’ products include Joint Care, Coral Calcium, Multi Vitamin, Colloidal Minerals, Fruits and Vegetables, Miracle Fruits of the World, Immune Wonders of the Amazon. Drinkables products are all packaged in recyclable materials. Caps are child-resistant and recycling the product packaging is encouraged by Drinkables. Drinkables cannot be purchased on the product website. However, they are widely available from major retail chains including Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and CVS. Drinkables can also be purchased online from many retailers for prices ranging from $10 to $30 for 15 oz, 30 oz and 33 oz bottles. Drinkables also supplies customers with non child-resistant caps upon request.


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  • Drinkables products can easily be purchased online or offline.
  • Drinkables liquid supplements claim to be more concentrated and more easily absorbed by the body than capsules or pills.
  • All Drinkables products are packaged in recyclable materials.
  • Remington Health Products provides customers with multiple convenient ways to contact them with questions about their products.



  • Drinkables does not offer any satisfaction guarantees or refunds for its products.
  • Customer testimonials are not available on the website.
  • There is not much information available online about Remington Health Products, LLC.


Drinkables is a product line of drinkable liquid health supplements by Remington Health Products, LLC. There are no satisfaction guarantees or refunds offered with Drinkables products, and there does not seem to be any free trial offers. The website is very easy to navigate and offers information about its products. This line of products is made using recyclable packaging and recycling is encouraged by the Drinkables website. All in all, Drinkables offers some very popular health supplement drinks that are available at several major retail chains as well as online.

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2 User Reviews about Drinkables

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    I love drinkables fruit and vegetables. This product is wonderful it makes my hair grow and when my eyes get a little yellow this stuff makes them clear up and turn back to white. The only problem I have is buying this stuff .I don’t but online. So I need to find somewhere to buy it in louisiana.


  • 2

    I’ve been using Drinkables Miracle Fruits of the World for several years now. I start taking it in the Fall and stop usually about May. I have not had a cold for several years and generally enjoy good health throughout the flu and cold season. I would highly recommend it if you are undecided – can’t hurt to try it for a couple of months. BJ’s Wholesale seems to offer the best pricing for the 30 size.