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Driven Sports is a line of weight-loss supplements produced by the company of the same name based in Franklin Square, New York. Driven Sports’ website is very sparse and is mostly devoted to its three weight-loss supplement products, Lean Xtreme, ActivateXtreme and Adrenalean.


There is no information about the company on the website except for a contact e-mail address. The product labels also show a mailing address for the company Driven Sports. There do not seem to be any satisfaction guarantees or refunds offered with Driven Sports products. There are no free samples offered on the official website either. The official website does not offer a way to sell its products from the website or a store locator. There are also no customer testimonials available on this website.

Product Features

Driven Sports’ products include Lean Xtreme, ActivateXtreme and Adrenalean. Lean Xtreme claims to help burn fat while preserving lean muscle mass. ActivateXtreme claims to be a testosterone booster, and Adrenalean claims to be the most advanced fat-burning product offered by this company. The ingredients in these products include green tea, amino acids, herbs and other supplements. Driven Sports’ products cannot be purchased on the offical website. However, they are available from several online retailers prices ranging from $25 to $46 for 90-capsule and 120-capsule bottles. Driven Sports’ supplements are suggested to be taken twice daily.


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  • Driven Sports products can be purchased online from some health supplement retailers.
  • Driven Sports claims that its products are effective, stimulant-free weight loss products.
  • Driven Sports provides its customers with an e-mail address to ask questions about its products.



  • Driven Sports does not offer any satisfaction guarantees or refunds for its products.
  • Customer testimonials are not available on the website.
  • Driven Sports products are not sold on the official company website.
  • There is not much information available online about the company Driven Sports.
  • Driven Sports does not appear to encourage its products be combined with a healthy diet or fitness regime.
  • Driven Sports does not give any health warnings to its products, so customers will have to carefully research each ingredient individually before use.


Driven Sports is a company that manufactures a line of weight-loss supplements of the same name. There are no satisfaction guarantees or refunds offered with Driven Sports products, and there does not seem to be any free trial offers. The website is very sparse and contains only minimal information about the products. All in all, Driven Sports as a company does not have a very well established online presence, and Driven Sports products do not contain ingredients proven to assist in weight loss. A medical doctor should be consulted before taking any weight-loss supplements.

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