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Driven Sports Triazole is a testosterone builder packed with aromatase inhibitors. The supplement is available from trusted websites like, where a complete list of ingredients is available. We found a few bodybuilders and fitness athletes listed as currently using this supplement, but no reviews or testimonials are listed in the product description. The ingredient does not reveal any special ingredients other than those commonly used to suppress estrogen.

List of Ingredients


Triazole Proprietary Blend: LetroDex – Pzole (Proprietary Extract of Brassaiopsis Glomerulata), Prunella Vulgaris PE 20:1, Zinc Aspartate. Tetrafene – Maca Root PE 20:1 (Lepidium Meyenii), Curcumin (95% Curcuma Longa Root Extract), CAPE (From Proprietary Bee Propolis Extract, Bioperine.

Product Features

One of the worst things a bodybuilder must face is the effect of estrogen on muscle gains. Estrogen is present in the male body and testosterone is present in the female body. Years ago, bodybuilders did not have to worry about estrogen taking over because pro-hormones just jacked up testosterone and muscle building was a cinch. But, the government removed most pro-hormones from the market and professional and amateur sports banned the rest, so what does the athlete and bodybuilder have left to look forward to when estrogen is stopping optimal muscle mass? Aromatase inhibitors are the answer.

Aromatase inhibitors are estrogen blockers. They stop estrogen from taking the leading role and give testosterone the upper hand. With testosterone back in control, there is no reason why bodybuilders and athletes cannot meet and exceed performance expectations, right? Well, not exactly.

The body needs estrogen to function, even the male body, so subduing estrogen production can have negative side effects like reduced libido, but that is assuming the formula will suppress estrogen. The key indicator of whether or not a product is worth a try is clinical study, reviews and testimonials. We found no clinical studies listed in the product description and no reviews on various vitamin websites. It seems that bodybuilders are not using the product.

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  • Driven Sports includes no ingredients that are currently banned.
  • May inhibit estrogen to give testosterone the upper hand.
  • Sells for a price comparable with other products.


  • Not designed for dieters who want to lose weight.
  • Will not cause increased metabolism or decreased hunger.
  • May not affect estrogen levels at all.
  • Not clinically proven to promote muscle growth or muscle recovery.


We are not thrilled with Driven Sports Triazole, but we are rarely thrilled with any testosterone builder. Many bodybuilders understand that pro-hormones are off the market, so they choose products like Triazole to try to gain that edge on the competition, but most often they have no effect at all, physically. The product may boost libido, which could leave the bodybuilder or athlete feeling more “manly” as if testosterone levels were higher.

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    The is actually plenty of bloodwork that shows it definitely lowers estrogen in addition to raising test levels. One of the best natural products ever for promoting lean muscle gains and minimizing fat. Driven Sports has a product called “Lean Xtreme” which is the one that should be tested for fat loss… not Triazole. AMAZING product.