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Drop Dead Healthy is a diet, exercise and health book written by A.J. Jacobs. Jacobs is the editor for Esquire magazine and a self-proclaimed expert at trying new things. He has written books on how to live the Bible literally, how to outsource your life to India and now, how to lose weight and become the healthiest person in the world. The book chronicles two years in the life of a man who is willing to try literally anything once, but readers are not as taken with Jacob’s wit as they’ve been in previous books. This time around it appears that he rushed through workouts and diet programs in an effort to write a book faster, according to some readers. He does not give workout programs just time to work and he judges some of the diets without actually dedicating any real time to the diets. In the world of weight loss dieters know it takes time to gain weight and even more time to lose that weight.

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  • Book by A.J. Jacobs on becoming the healthiest man alive in two years.

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There are multiple facets of Drop Dead Healthy. Not only is Jacobs trying to lose weight, he is trying to exercise and improve overall health to the point of perfection. Some portions of the book may not pertain to weight loss, but rest assured one of his main goals is to become a thinner, stronger man who is in better shape.

What is missing from the book description online is a description at all. The dieter can read about how funny the author is or how interesting his battle with this diet or this scam, this program or this outrageous claim, but in the end nothing about him or his journey is really described at all. You just need to read the book to find out exactly what he found out after two years of diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle changes.

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  • Witty, funny book on weight loss and healthy living.
  • May give dieters insight into the best way to lose weight and get fit.


  • A.J. Jacobs’s wit may not be for everyone.
  • The book reviews are generally good but several long-time followers claim the book reads rushed.


A.J. Jacobs has quite the day job, but he’s decided to spend his time on the side working to educate him in some pretty interesting areas. We love the fact that A.J. Jacobs is willing to do things outside of the box, but we’re not sure this diet book is really giving the dieter anything to try.

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