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Drug Buyers is a website community surrounded around discussing various types of medications, their effects, and online pharmacies where it may be purchased at a lower price. Drug Buyers claims they offer this service to people who simply cannot afford medications offered by their physicians, but is often frequented by people who want to self-medicate using prescriptions that would not normally be prescribed by their doctor. Numerous prescriptions, including weight loss medications such as Phentermine, are listed and discussed on their website.

For those who wish to gain online access to the latest weight loss and appetite suppressing drugs approved by the FDA, turning to Drug Buyers may be one option readily available to them. Discussions are very candid, and purchasing these drugs only involves signing up at their website and following the links that offer it for about 20% less than its regular cost. There are risks when self-medicating with such drugs, however, and dieters may want to be cautious about utilizing this website’s features.


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Product Features

Drug Buyers is not an actual website; the entire website consists of a searchable website forum, and full access is granted to members who sign up with their forum. Full access grants rights to read the forum messages about prescriptions and their side effects, their success rate, how it interacts with certain medications, and cheap online pharmacies to purchase these products without a prescription. Purchasing drugs for self medication is a big draw to the website forum, and many use it to purchase weight loss drugs. A separate forum is included about online pharmacies, which include online ratings, recommendations, and extra fees that may included when purchasing from that specific website.

There are several dangers with using Drug Buyers and the offered services. Using drugs for improper or non prescribed purposes puts consumers at risk for having dangerous drug interactions or other side effects that would normally be discussed with a physician. Because most seek to self-medicate, it may increase the risk of severe side effects. Many online pharmacies listed on Drug Buyers may also charge additional fees to send the prescription to consumers, and may offset the initial low price of the prescriptions available. For dieters, this may be too risky, especially concerning their health and wellbeing. There may be safer courses to take if dieters want to lose weight with prescribed drugs. Seeing a doctor and asking about these options may offer better results, for example.

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  • Users discuss and rate prescription drugs, which include popular weight loss drugs.
  • Offers users information about where to purchase cheaper prescription drugs online.


  • Because purchasing drugs online requires no invention by a physician or medical approval, side effects may increase.
  • Additional costs may be added if consumers choose to order from a website, including “consultation” fees.
  • Does not guarantee consumers’ safety when purchasing the products.


Drug Buyers offers a non-judgmental center for users to learn and discuss prescription drugs and where to purchase it online, but side effects may increase that would not be normally recognized. It is very important to use this service wisely if considering it, and keeping aware of the risks associated with Drug Buyers may be the only way to protect yourself.

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    They do not allow anyone but the webmasters friends get any place on the web. He recommends rip-offs and ignores good pharmacies. He is an ass.


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    Early Kyler

    The admin are dirty, take kickbacks from the pharmacies to have their sites listed, insist on information that shouldn’t be posted be posted, and are moniacal in general about banning people for stupid reasons. The site is also loaded with teenage drugaddicts.