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Drug Info Net is a website dedicated to offering information about drugs, diseases, and important health news about the latest findings in the pharmaceutical industry. Official prescription drug inserts, which are normally made available to physicians, are also made available on the site, including the safety of the prescription, the manufacturer of the drug, and more information that is usually not publicly known. All information is free; Drug Info Net claims to make this information available to help people become more informed about the prescriptions they take or want to take. Diet drugs are widely featured on the site, making this a popular website for dieters who want to learn more information about dieting drugs.

Learning and keeping up to date with health news information and prescription drugs is one way to keep informed and preventing severe interactions with drugs not normally recognized by a physician. Researching the type of drugs you may be prescribed before using it may help dieters who want to avoid any issues with future medication. Drugs Info Net may provide some key information for dieters who desire this information, but they should not depend on this website solely to keep them educated about diet drugs.


Drug Info Net provides ingredient and other important information about drugs, along with disease and health news information.

Product Features

Drug Info Net offers important information about drugs that is normally available only to physicians, including packet information about drugs and known interactions. All information provided is said to have approval from the FDA. All information is provided by the manufacturers of the drugs and does not come from Drugs Info Net, which does suggest the information is legitimate. Interactions with other drugs, unlisted side effects, and the documented effects of the drug are covered, and for those searching for diet drug information, this may be valuable. Knowing about the effects of a certain drug may help dieters avoid dangerous drugs. Also, learning of the effects may help dieters bring it up with a doctor and help them be prescribed to that drug. Drug Info Net does not promise it will help dieters get the drugs they desire, however, and states it should only be used for informational purposes.

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  • Offers information straight from the manufacturer about possible interactions, side effects, and documented benefits.
  • Easy to search lists and their search feature makes obtaining drug information simple and easy to access.


  • Only offers informational content about drugs and will not help dieters obtain drugs.
  • May not list all drugs available to the public.
  • Should not be depended on to help dieters keep informed and help them make appropriate choices about the drugs they take.


Drug Info Net provides exclusive information from pharmaceutical manufacturers about drug information, which may include weight loss drugs. Access to this type of information is important for making educated decisions about the type of drugs to take, but a physician will ultimately determine this for the patient.

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