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Drugs.com is an informational website listing complex information about prescription drugs currently on the market, including heart medication and FDA approved weight loss drugs. Among the drugs listed on its site is the drug Alli and Anorex-SR. Along with important information about side effects and medication interaction risk, Drugs.com also lists its rating from 1 to 10 and further information about how each drug works within the body, making this site probably one of the most detailed and informed places for dieters to seek precursory information about diet supplements. Drugs.com only lists FDA approved drugs however, to guarantee consumer safety and satisfaction.

While Drugs.com specifically says it does not recommend any type of drug to any dieter (they emphasize dieters should consult a physician beforehand), it does claim to be a helpful tool for consumers interested in new medication to treat pre-existing conditions. To an extent, Drugs.com may be helpful for dieters seeking information about FDA approved drugs.

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Product Features

Drugs.com does not offer any recommendations to dieters about the type of drugs they should take; instead, comprehensive information is offered about how the drug works, any known side effects, and precautions to take before using it. Some drug reviews are also personally researched and reviewed by qualified physicians. Alongside this information exists reviews and ratings of the drug as tested by dieters, explaining how the drug affected their weight loss. This may be helpful to dieters who want to research weight loss drugs before bringing it up with a doctor, or completing preliminary research before starting a drug prescribed by a doctor. Most drugs must be prescribed beforehand so dieters cannot simply pick one drug and use it — they must consult a physician first. There are obvious advantages here, and dieters can evaluate the information and reviews themselves to make educated guesses about which drug will best fit their lifestyle. Dieters should not depend on this website to make the final decision, however. This is up to their physician to decide.

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  • It is an informational site for educating dieters about issues and information surrounding some weight loss drugs.
  • Personal reviews and ratings accompany information.


  • It is only intended for informational purposes, and dieters need to consult a physician to make the final decision regarding their weight loss goals.
  • These drugs are not guaranteed to work, as evidenced by several reviews.
  • Only offers information about FDA approved weight loss drugs.


It is pretty evident that Drugs.com is a very helpful website for dieters seeking concrete information about FDA approved supplements, and may be a useful tool for deciding with your physician about the best drug to take. The many features of this site seem to cater to the dieter’s specific needs instead of trying to “sell” the product, which is useful for dieters seeking unbiased advice. Still, this does not replace the advice of a physician, and dieters should not disregard medical advice completely in place of this site. Overall, it is a very useful site for dieters seeking medical information about dieting drugs.

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