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Duromine is the popular name-brand formula for controversial diet supplement Phentermine, usually prescribed to morbidly obese patients. Duromine is usually only available with a doctor’s prescription, although it can be purchased over the Internet without one. Duromine’s main function? To suppress appetite, which is its only purpose. Duromine is one of the few diet supplements the FDA recognizes as a suitable diet aid for morbidly obese patients, but this also means that it must be taken under direct doctor supervision to avoid severe or fatal consequences. Duromine, although proven scientifically effective, also comes with numerous side effects, which is why it is highly recommended Duromine should be taken under doctor supervision. Currently Duromine is only available in Australia and its surrounding countries.

Duromine is available in three strengths — 15mg, 30mg, and 40mg. A doctor will recommend the appropriate strength depending on your health history. Duromine is also free of gluten and preservatives, although it contains gelatin. Because it is a FDA-approved drug, money-back guarantees are served on a case-by-case basis. A doctor may allow you to try free samples if you request it and meet the requirements. Unlike other diet supplements, Duromine has strict requirements and is only recommended for short-term weight loss. Usage should not exceed 12 weeks.


Phentermine, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium, Carbon Black, Lactosevliquid Paraffin, Gelatin, Brilliant Blue FCF, Iron Oxide Yellow.

Duromine’s 30mg capsules contain Brilliant Blue FCF and Iron Oxide Yellow. Their 40mg capsules contain Erythrosine and Sunset Yellow FCF.

Product Features

Duromine is a prescription-only supplement, only available to patients with a BMI Index over 27 and a history of obesity-related illnesses, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Phentermine, its main ingredient, alters brain chemistry and helps suppress appetite. These claims are medically backed by numerous groups and organizations, including the FDA. Combined with diet and exercise, Duromine claims that it helps morbidly obese patients lower their BMI Index, although the amount of weight loss varies from person to person. Numerous studies conducted on Duromine back up these results.

Unfortunately, Phentermine is highly addictive. Duromine only recommends taking the product for up to 12 weeks. Some patients are ineligible for Duromine if they have a history of addiction or prescription abuse. Phentermine also has numerous side effects, including impotence and diarrhea.

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  • Duromine is FDA approved for quality, truthfulness, and dependability.
  • It is clinically proven to suppress appetite.
  • Duromine is gluten and preservative free.


  • It is only legally prescribed to patients meeting strict criteria.
  • There are numerous side effects, some of which are fatal or severe.
  • It is only intended for short weight loss – taking it too long might result in addiction.
  • Currently, it is only available through manufacturers in Australia and its surrounding countries.


Although Duromine is a FDA approved drug, it is not completely safe. Numerous side effects should discourage casual dieters, as should the product’s strict guidelines. Duromine is only an option for morbidly obese people with obesity-related illnesses and is not recommended for other body types. A doctor can only recommend and approve this drug for use, and it is very dangerous – and unethical – to take Duromine without a prescription. It does appear to be a viable solution for obese patients who need a short term fix, however.

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  • 1

    I currently weigh a 104kg and would love to lose some weight fast. How does duromine work and will it work for me and what kind of diet /eating plan should I use when on duromine?


  • 2

    I’ve been on Duromine for a week now, I did loose 3kg in that week, due to healthy eating, but it doesn’t seems to suppress my appetite. Is it normal or must it still kick in?


  • 3

    I think its good for healthy people due to side effects


  • 4
    Your Name

    Thats awesome. Well done


  • 5

    my question is with duromine 30mg is it ok to take 2 tablets every day?



    What will happen if i take 2 30g pills and i am 53??


  • 6

    I am currently 14kgs overweigh, can I take the 30mg pill?


    Your Name

    You can, provided you are not diagnosed with heart problems.


  • 7

    Wat are the side effects with duramine


  • 8
    Your Name

    I started Duromine on 24 March 2015, weighing 82.1kg. See, I’m 1.52m tall/short so I was obese and had developed a lumbar disc bulge and pelvic organ prolapse. My Dr put me on duromine 30mg for three months. I have since lost 11.7kg and feel great. I don’t have as much pain from the disc bulge as before and the prolapse seems to have improved. I’m currently on a one week break before I take my last month of Duromine…


  • 9

    IF i want to buy IT with put doctor how should i use IT ?,am healthy


  • 10

    I am a male of 59 years, I have been taking Duromine for almosta month now. i have developed itching face and neck, been hospitalised for three days, given Phenegen and Allergx cream, The itchng is predominantly around the eyes and the neck. Could these symptoms be considered to be the side effects of Duromine 30g?, I am also high cholestral but do not tke the treatment for that bu control it by eating fat-free diet and exercising.


  • 11


    I’m slightly overweight, middle-aged man who wants to lose weight. A friend of mine recommended Duromine as a solution because of my job and too little time for workout. But it seems that I cannot find any info about it except from “authority” sources. Can someone help me?
    Are Duromine tablets safe? What are Duromine ingredients, and do I need to be worried about its side effects?
    Or, even better, is there any ebook about Duromine where I can find all the answers? Something like FAQ or “manual”.

    Thank you in advance.



  • 12

    I have been taking for eight days I don’tsee any difference and I’m getting hungry, wht must I do to see the result


  • 13

    What are all the side affects?


    lynette van niekerk

    Can Duromine harm your liver and what are the side effects?


  • 14

    where can i find duromine in the middle east area?


  • 15

    It’s been six days now taking duromine and I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating alot, I thought it’s supposed to block your apatite? Or is it still early for me to judge?



    I am 47kg,and my goal is 47kg as before.. my friend recommended me duromine and it only be purchase from a doctor.9days taking it and I am now 44kg. I have to force myself to eat even a little coz I really don’t feel hungry everyday the whole day. It’s just that I felt nausea sometimes and also awake every night. I decided to stop it now as I already lose weight.