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Dyma-Retic is a dietary supplement that claims to promote a lean, healthy physique by eliminating excess water weight, stimulating weight loss and preventing bloat due to water retention. Marketing itself as a more advanced form of a diuretic, Dyma-Retic says that the key to muscular definition and staying lean is to eliminate water that accumulates in the body, safely eliminating weight from the body. They also recommend using this in combination with a healthy weight loss and exercise regimen, which they say is the best way to stimulate weight loss.

Dyma-Retic currently sells their formula for $24.39 per bottle, which includes a two week supply of Dyma-Retic capsules. This is a bit expensive compared to other diuretics. Dyma-Retic does not make it clear why it is different from other diuretics, and a look into its chemical makeup may reveal the differences in this product.


According to one of its Internet retailers, Dyma-Retic contains Vitamin B6, Magenisum Aspartate, Guarana Extract, Uva-Ursi Leaf Extract, Guggul Extract, Green Tea, Buchu Leaf, Juniperberry, Hydrangea Root, Dandelion Root, Citrimax, Gelatin, Cellulose, and Silicon Dioxide. It is mainly comprised of Guarana Extract.

Product Features

Dyma-Retic heavily utilizes Guarana Extract, a stimulant with caffeine like properties. Guarana Extract stimulates the central nervous system like caffeine, which prevents fatigue signals from being processed. It also contains some side effects, which may be more present if used excessively, such as dehydration, water loss, and dizziness. Dehydration and water loss is caused by the Guarana’s diuretic effect, which may be more present in higher doses. This may be the source of Dyma-Retic’s claimed diuretic effect.

Guggul Extract is another ingredient that may carry interesting benefits. According to one study, consumption of Guggul Extract led to an increase in thyroid stimulation and metabolic functioning, and is currently being investigated as a proper treatment to cure hypothyroidism. It may cause side effects if not used to treat thyroid conditions, however.

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  • Guarana Extract may promote diuretic like effects, such as increased urination and dehydration.
  • May contain safer forms of caffeine, including Guarana and Green Tea.


  • Is nearly twice as expensive, compared to other diuretics.
  • Overuse of Guarana Extract may also cause rapid heart beat and dizziness.
  • Guarana may pose a risk for those with pre-existing heart conditions.
  • Eliminating water weight may not be a permanent form of weight loss.


Dyma-Retic claims that eliminating water weight is the key to revealing lean muscle mass and stimulating weight loss, but this may only provide temporary effects. It does contain ingredients that may promote water loss, but dieters should be careful not to abuse this as it could result in severe dehydration.

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