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Dynamic Health Acai Gold is nothing more than an extract of the acai fruit. We are thrilled that the website for the supplement is not purple. When the acai rage hit the weight loss market there were thousands of purple websites that hit the Internet. All of the websites made outrageous claims about acai, including weight loss, detox, cleansing, colon relief, skin health, lung health, heart health and more. Acai is a strong antioxidant, but it isn’t the perfect supplement that cures every known human problem. The fact that Dynamic Health Acai Gold offers a simple product with no outrageous marketing is amazing.

List of Ingredients


  • Acai Fruit

Product Features

As you can see from the ingredient list there is nothing more than acai in Dynamic Health Acai Gold. Acai is a superfruit that is often better consumed in supplement or liquid form. According to the product description, acai contains more than 30 times the antioxidant strength of red wine. Antioxidants are important for overall health because the body naturally produces free radicals that take over healthy cells and cause cell death. Antioxidants stop the reproduction of infected cells and help repair the damage. We naturally make antioxidants, but with pollution, processed foods and poor health habits, free radicals can take over and cause damage none-the-less.

As for weight loss claims, there is an underlying support when it comes to taking antioxidants during weight loss. When metabolism is increased certain body functions that cause free radical production also increase. This means weight loss can increase free radical production. Taking an antioxidant while dieting can help stop damage, but green tea may be a more effective antioxidant for dieters because it is clinically proven to boost metabolism and energy.

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  • Acai is a strong antioxidant.
  • Dynamic Health does not oversell the supplement claiming health benefits that are not supported.
  • Antioxidants fight free radical damage.


  • Acai may not be the best antioxidant for dieters.
  • Dynamic Health Acai Gold must be refrigerated.
  • There are no reviews so we have no idea how the supplement tastes.


Dynamic Health Acai Gold may supply the antioxidants your body needs to stop free radicals from taking over healthy cells, but it is not the only antioxidant available to dieter. Green tea is also an antioxidant – one that has quite the impressive history in terms of clinical support for weight loss. We like green tea because dieters get the one-two punch of increased metabolism and decreased free radical damage.

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