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Dynamic Health Laboratories is company based in Brooklyn, New York that manufactures and sells liquid health supplements, fruit juices and juice concentrates. All Dynamic Health products are certified kosher and easy to use in liquid form.


Dynamic Health’s website gives some background information on the company and contact information. The company was founded in 1993. Dynamic Health’s juice concentrates are 100% juice and contain no added sugars. There are no money-back guarantees or free samples offered on the company website. There are also no customer reviews of this product available online.

Product Features

Dynamic Health’s products include exotic fruit ingredients like goji, acai, mangosteen, yumberry, noni, maqui and camu-camu. Other juices offered by Dynamic Health have more conventional fruits from Europe and North America, including aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, cranberry, cherry, blueberry and elderberry. Several of Dynamic Health’s products are marketed as health supplements, including some that claim to help promote weight loss. Other Dynamic Health products contain amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Online prices range from $4 to $31 for Dynamic Health products.


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  • Dynamic Health products can be purchased online from the official product website or from some other health supplement retailers.
  • Dynamic Health claims that its products are certified kosher.
  • Some Dynamic Health products are certified organic.
  • Dynamic Health provides its customers with contact information for customers to ask questions about its products.
  • Dynamic Health offers some information about the company on its website.
  • Liquid health supplements may be easier or more pleasant to consume for some people than other types of health supplements.
  • Liquid health supplements may be more effectively absorbed by the body than other types of health supplements.



  • Customer testimonials are not available on the website.
  • Dynamic Health does not encourage its products be combined with a healthy diet or fitness regime.
  • Dynamic Health does not give any health warnings to its products, so customers will have to carefully research each ingredient individually before use.


Dynamic Health is a company based in New York that sells exotic fruit juices, juice concentrates and liquid health supplements. Dynamic Health products can be purchased from the official website or from other online retailers for prices ranging from $4 to $31 per bottle. There is no money-back guarantees offered with this product, however liquid health supplements may be more pleasant to consume and more effectively absorbed by the body than other types of supplements. All Dynamic Health products are kosher and some are certified organic.

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    Frank Williams

    dynamic health goods are not allowed to be imported to Trinidad because it has a distributor in Trinidad and Tobago, any mone who try to import will be charhe by customs and excise 10 time the value and the import will be charge by importing new drugs into Trinidad mand Tobago.


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