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Dynaslim is a “As Seen on TV” diet patch modeled after the successful Nicotine patches — but instead of curbing nicotine cravings, this patch claims to burn fat and reduce weight without diet or exercise. This discreet, thin patch claims to deliver the same benefits as most popular weight loss supplement, and the simplicity of this patch its biggest selling point. The patch is accessible to any dieter, man or woman, and uses a typical weight loss formulation, including Guarana Extract, as part of their weight loss system. Studies on weight loss patches are virtually nonexistent because it is relatively new to the diet market.

Dynaslim is currently sold in convenient 30-day packages for $29.95 and is featured on two official websites. It’s rare to find these patches in retail stores, but they are easily available over the Internet, making this a discreet, affordable choice for dieters. The only question here is its effectiveness, as many participants have posted less than stellar testimonials about Dynaslim’s product.


Dynaslim patches contain these ingredients: Fucus Vesiculosus, Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana, Chromium Picolinate. However, it is not clear if these are the only ingredients contained in the product.

Product Features

Dynaslim highlights Fucus Vesiculosus, Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana, and Chromium Picolinate as potent weight loss ingredients, but is this true? To an extent, these ingredients do have potential as weight loss ingredients. Fucus Vesicolosus, otherwise known as Bladderwrack, is used to correct sluggish thyroids; Guarana is an energy ingredient similar to caffeine. It is not clear how these will work when absorbed by the skin — these ingredients are usually swallowed for effective absorption. These ingredients do not appear to target all weight loss concerns that it claims to target, and none of its ingredients are proven fat burners.

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  • It contains the stimulant Guarana, a safer alternative to caffeine.
  • It is a convenient alternative to diet supplements.
  • Anyone can use the patch.


  • There are studies showing how effective weight loss supplements are in patch form.
  • Dynaslim’s websites contain very little information about how it works or any dangers associated with it.
  • None of its ingredient have fat burning properties.
  • They claim you do not need to diet at all, but we believe that dieting is essential for healthy, safe weight loss.


Convenience is a huge plus for dieters, and Dynaslim seems to be catering to the “lose weight quick” audience by offering their own diet patch. It is impossible to guess how effective Dynaslim truly is, given that diet patches are still relatively new and untested. Dynaslim does look innovative, and combined with a few key ingredients, it should attract many dieters. Dieters should focus on a healthy diet and exercise for true, longer lasting results instead of relying on a diet patch – this will yield the best results.

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