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Dynathin is a weight loss supplement previously marketed as a fast-acting weight reducer, claiming to eliminate 15lbs within 30 days. It previously touted itself as containing a rare herbal ingredient called Banaba that claims to effortlessly burn fat just from normal consumption. The creator of Dynathin says he included the ingredient after his mother used it to lose weight.

Unfortunately for dieters, the availability of Dynathin is extremely limited — there is little information available on the internet about this product and it is not featured in any online stores. This might indicate Dynathin has been discontinued. Previously it was sold through online retailers for $47.00, which was considered a hefty investment for such a simple weight loss formulation. It is not clear if Dynathin has been discontinued, but its disappearance (and lack of information) is a huge negative. If you do find this supplement, proceed at your own risk.

Some ingredient information is available, which we will evaluate for their effectiveness.


Not Listed on Official Site: Banaba Leaf Extract, Aminobutryric Acid, Chromium, Vanadium, Capsaicin. It is possible that Dynathin contains more ingredients, but the full list cannot be verified at this time. Proceed at your own risk.

Product Information

Dynathin emphasizes the use of Banaba, which Dynathin’s creator claims helped his mother lose a lot of weight. According to one study, Banaba did increase weight loss in obese mice, although it is not clear why. Banaba is used in Asian countries as an alternative form of glucose medication, and perhaps the stabilizing effect on blood sugar is why it facilitates weight loss (as evidenced by several studies, a spike in blood sugar elevates hunger signals).

Dynathin’s other ingredients are commonly found in other weight loss supplements for half the price, and its effectiveness may not justify its price. The all-natural formulation is a plus, and the absence of caffeine in this product makes it safer than other products on the market. The lack of information is still a huge concern, however.

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  • Early clinical studies performed on mice show Banaba helped decrease weight, although it is not clear why.
  • Most of its ingredients are all natural.
  • Dynathin contains no caffeine.


  • It appears Dynathin has been discontinued.
  • It contains no ingredients that will burn fat.
  • Dynathin’s weight loss claims seem too unrealistic and have no scientific backing.
  • It is very expensive.


Dynathin appears to be defunct for the time being, but it is not clear why. Perhaps the cost was too much for dieters, which is Dynathin’s biggest negative, or the lack of information turned off too many participants. There appears to be some evidence backing Banaba as an effective weight loss supplement, but further testing is needed to verify these results. Proceed with caution if you do find Dynathin – with its website defunct, your safety may be at risk.

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