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Dytrexil is an appetite suppressant that claims to use 100% pure Hoodia Gordinii from South Africa. Hoodia Gordinii is thought to contain a substance that interacts with the hypothalamus gland and might inhibit the feeling of “hunger” we all experience throughout the day. Dytrexil was created by OUR and the Hoodia extract comes from Source Naturals, a company that was established in 1982 by Ira Goldberg. That company’s goal is to create products that allow people to “enjoy optimal health.” Source Naturals has many products on the market that range from multiple vitamins to skin care to libido enhancers, as well as Dytrexil. Their product list is well over 600 items long. Little to no information is available on OUR, where they are based, or their reputation.

The official Dytrexil website has a small information section that gives a brief rundown on Hoodia Gordinii, how it was discovered, and a little bit about what it does. The “info” section of the site is very bare of anything substantial. There is a picture of some abs and a picture of a cactus which we assume is the Hoodia. They do post the product label which is nice for users looking to check out an ingredient list.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia gordonii 1200 mg (as 60mg of 20:1 extract.)

Product Features

The biggest selling point of Dytrexil is that it contains Hoodia Gordonii in quite a large amount. 1200 mg is more than many similar diet products contain. The official website touts the 20:1 ratio which means if you had twenty pounds of Hoodia, when dried and crushed you would end up with one pound. This could make it much more potent than other hoodia products, but there are no studies or trials posted on the official website to prove this. Oddly, they specifically say they get their Hoodia from Source Naturals but on the FAQs page say they can’t tell us where they get it.

You are recommended to take one or two tablets of Dytrexil with an eight ounce glass of water one hour before a meal. This gives the tablet time to dissolve and be absorbed by your body and may help you feel more full.

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  • Dytrexil contains Hoodia Gordonii, which is a well established appetite suppressant.
  • Dytrexil isn’t very expensive. One bottle of 60 tablets is $14.99.


  • The official website gives you no information about OUR, the manufacturer. There is no contact information or location given.
  • There are no testimonials or clinical trials posted on the official website.
  • There are not any added fat burners in the ingredients list.
  • The medical community has expressed some concern regarding the use of appetite suppressants as a long-term weight loss solution, fearing that users could be losing out on nutrition and that they could perpetuate eating disorders.


Dytrexil contains a larger than average amount of Hoodia Gordonii in it, which may make it an effective appetite suppressant. It’s also very inexpensive so we are sure Dytrexil has many customers. The problem we have with Dytrexil is the general lack of useful information on the official website. It would be nice to have some testimonials, links to reviews, or clinical trial results posted. At this price, you may want to give it a try, but you might consider using a product that combines appetite suppressant and fat burner for a more natural, all-in-one effect.

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