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DZL Productions, LLC is a company based in Troy, New York that manufactures and sells DZL Gear fitness beverages. DZL fitness beverages claim to contain 10 grams of protein, boost metabolism, have zero carbohydrates and low calories. They also contain many vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can help promote health. DZL fitness beverages do not contain sugar or caffeine, and they are not marketed as weight loss aids.


DZL Productions’ website itself is very basic, and gives no background information on the company besides contact information. There are no money-back guarantees or free samples offered on the company website. There are also no customer reviews of this product available online. There is extensive ingredient information available for customers, including a special page that explains how each ingredient is beneficial to health.

Product Features

DZL Productions’ main product is DZL Protein Vitamin Supplement fitness beverage. The DZL Protein Vitamin Supplement fitness beverage is available in two flavors, berry and orange. DZL Productions products are marketed as health supplements, but not as weight loss aids. DZL Productions fitness beverages contain protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. It is not clear how customers can purchase DZL Productions’ products, since they are not sold on the official website or other online retailers. It is not known whether these products are sold at offline retailers or other sources such as fitness centers.


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  • DZL Productions claims that its products are high in nutrition, easy to consume, safe and effective.
  • DZL Productions provides its customers with contact information for customers to ask questions about its products.
  • DZL Productions offers no other information about the company on its website.
  • Liquid health supplements may be easier or more pleasant to consume for some people than other types of health supplements.
  • Liquid health supplements may be more effectively absorbed by the body than other types of health supplements.



  • DZL Productions products are not easily purchased online from any website, including the official company website.
  • Customer testimonials are not available on the website.
  • DZL Productions does not encourage its products be combined with a healthy diet or fitness regime.
  • DZL Productions does not give any health warnings to its products, so customers will have to carefully research each ingredient individually before use.


DZL Productions is a company based in New York that sells liquid health supplement fitness beverages. DZL Productions products cannot be purchased online or from the official website, so it is not clear how much the products cost or how to purchase them. There is no money-back guarantees offered with this product, however liquid health supplements may be more pleasant to consume and more effectively absorbed by the body than other types of supplements.

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