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EA Sports Active is a video game workout for the Wii video game system, developed and manufactured by Electronic Sports. The Wii video game system is manufactured by Nintendo, and offers games that require the consumer to move around while playing the games. EA Sports Active is said to be a higher impact workout program than the Wii Fit system , which focuses on stretching and balance. EA Sports Active offers a virtual personal trainer that walks the consumer through their workout.


Not applicable. EA Sports Active includes the game disc, a resistance band and leg strap. Additional resistance bands and leg straps can be purchased separately. EA Sports Active also requires the Wii system, and at least one game remote and nunchuk. A Wii balance board may be used for some exercises but is not required.

Product Features

EA Sports Active is a video game workout for the Wii video game system. It uses a leg strap to hold the nunchuk portion of the Wii remote, while the consumer holds the remote portion in their right hand. This enables the system to see the movements of both the upper and lower body. EA Sports Active has over 25 workouts and sports drills for the consumer. It also offers a virtual personal trainer that gives the consumer instructions, motivation, and tips throughout the workout to help the consumer reach their goals. The resistance band can be used for additional resistance during exercises. The Wii Balance board may also be used for some exercises for an extra challenge, but it is sold separately from EA Sports Active. There is a built in journal that tracks the consumer’s progress, workouts, and can track food choices if the consumer chooses to enter that information. EA Sports Active can be a single or two player activity so the consumer can work out with a friend or family member, however this requires additional Wii remotes and nunchuks which are sold separately. It is said that EA Sports Active offers so many activities that the consumer will reach their fitness goals without becoming bored with their workout.

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  • EA Sports Active offers an in-home workout solution.
  • EA Sports Active tracks the consumer’s progress.


  • EA Sports Active requires the user to have a Wii video game system with several remotes and nunchuks.
  • EA Sports Active requires the Wii remote be held in the right hand, which may not be ideal for left-handed consumers.


EA Sports Active is a video game workout for the Wii video game system. EA Sports Active offers over 25 workouts and activities to keep the consumer interested and help consumers reach their fitness goals. This system is a good idea for consumers who cannot afford a gym membership and personal trainer, or who feel more comfortable working out in the privacy of their home. However, this requires the consumer to have a Wii gaming system, and several Wii remotes and nunchuks, which can be an investment but can be used for playing other games as well. EA Sports Active is widely available through the internet and retailers who sell other video games and accessories.

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    do I have to buy another game for 2 people to play this