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What You Should Know

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EAS Nitron 5 is designed to increase nitric oxide. Nitric oxide increases blood flow so other ingredients in the formula can move to muscle fibers faster. There are five ingredients in EAS Nitron 5, thus the name. The five ingredients are trusted in the bodybuilding community and are often contained in other bodybuilding supplements. Taking more of these ingredients does not necessarily make for a better effect, so if other supplements include the same ingredients buying EAS Nitron 5 is a waste of money. Dieters will see no benefit from taking Nitron 5. The ingredients are not designed to increase metabolism or fat burn. They are expressly designed to affect lean muscle growth during the building phase of bodybuilding.

List of Ingredients

Arginine, Ornithine, Niacin, Gynostemma Extract, Evodia Rutecarpa Extract, Gypentoside and Black Pepper Extract.

Product Features

The ingredients in EAS Nitron 5 are proven to increase vasodilation and blood flow to the muscle. The idea behind supplements with nitric oxide boosters is to help other supplements make it into muscle fibers faster. As a lone supplement, Nitron 5 has no benefit. But, when taken with other proven ingredients shown to increase lean muscle mass, nitric oxide boosters are shown to increase the effectiveness of those ingredients.

Dieters taking nitric oxide boosters are just wasting money. Fat burners and appetite suppressants do not work at the muscle. They work in the stomach and blood stream so the dieter feels full and full of energy. If a dieter chooses to take up bodybuilding as a means of weight loss, things change a bit. Nitric oxide is used by both men and women to support muscle growth.

The suggested dose for EAS Nitron 5 is four tablets twice a day. This may be a bit overpowering for some bodybuilders. The same ingredients in this supplement are sometimes included in protein powders for athletes so look at the nutrition and ingredient label before buying EAS Nitron 5 or other nitric oxide booster.

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  • All ingredients for the supplement are listed online.
  • May increase the effectiveness of other bodybuilding supplements.


  • EAS Nitron 5 is not proven to increase metabolism.
  • The supplement is designed for bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Will not decrease appetite.
  • Will not speed up weight loss.
  • Will not increase energy.


There are a large number of nitric oxide boosters on the market. All are marketed toward the bodybuilder who needs to move ingredients like creatine and protein into muscle fibers faster. The faster these ingredients get to the muscle, the faster they start working. Nitric oxide boosters are typically taken twice a day. Before buying this supplement or other nitric oxide booster, check the ingredient label of products you are currently taking. If the same ingredients are included in other supplements, additional supplementation is not needed.

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