EAS Pro Science CLA Review

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What You Should Know

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You may need some help weeding through the assortment of programs, pills and supplements for dieting and weight loss nowadays. This is why we created this review on EAS Pro Science CLA. You should get the skinny on each supplement formula before actually trying it on yourself. The first thing you should know is that this product is manufactured by EAS, which is a company that makes a number of nutritional supplements for weight training and athletics.

As for nutritional value and core ingredients, EAS Pro Science CLA contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is derived from safflower oil concentrate. More specifically, it offers 1.5 grams per serving. This supplement also contains two grams of fat per serving. It can be taken by both men and women alike, and is available over the counter.

List of Ingredients

Gelatin, Glycerine, Water, Caramel Color, and Mixed Tocopherols.

Product Features

EAS Pro Science CLA is a capsule formula that is claimed to support lean body mass, encourage fat loss, and provide body composition support. As with all EAS Pro Science formulas, this one can be ordered through the Abbott website. The cost is $30.99 (90 soft gel capsules). According to the official EAS website, this supplement should be taken three times each day in doses of two capsules each time. It works best if taken with meals and water. Essentially, EAS Pro Science CLA is supposed to help dieters and athletes by supporting lean muscle tissue. Therefore it minimizes body fat, since fat is burned off first as an energy source. This product does not aim to suppress the user’s hunger, heighten thermo genesis, or speed up calorie burning. Unfortunately there are no before and after photos or testimonials presented on the EAS website to support the claims made about this formula. There are no free samples of EAS Pro Science CLA offered either.

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  • EAS is a major nutrition company that has been around for many years now.
  • This product may help minimize body fat.
  • EAS Pro Science CLA may support lean muscle mass.


  • There is no refund option with EAS Pro Science CLA.
  • Some users may not notice any difference in their physique, since results vary.
  • This supplement does not aim to curb food cravings.
  • The official website does not distribute EAS Pro Science CLA.


The core ingredient found in EAS Pro Science CLA is a component used in some other weight loss products. While this ingredient may assist with weight loss to some degree, there are other supplements on the market that are more complete, and additionally offer ingredients that suppress hunger, and boost thermo genesis. You may want to consider one of these before deciding on a supplement like EAS Pro Science CLA to help you with fat reduction.

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