EAS Pro Science Creatine Review

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What You Should Know

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If you are currently seeking some assistance with your weight loss goal, then you have likely considered one or more supplement formulas. As you can see, these come in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, each of them have different active ingredients to aid users in some way or another. We are going to take a closer look at EAS Pro Science Creatine.

As you may have guessed, EAS Pro Science Creatine is a product that aims to help men and women increase their lean muscle tissue. It is a supplement that can be used before or after a workout session. One thing you should keep in mind about all Creatine-based products is that they must be taken with ample amounts of water. This is to help prevent any damage to the kidneys.

List of Ingredients

Creatine Monohydrate (five grams per serving).

Product Features

EAS Pro Science Creatine is a supplement that can be used for improving lean muscle mass. While this product does aim to heighten the user’s strength, and promote muscle tissue gain, it is also claimed to improve your workout capacity. In other words, it increases anaerobic endurance. It is intended to be taken up to four times daily, and can easily be combined with water or juice. One and a half teaspoons of EAS Pro Science Creatine is a serving, and it can actually be consumed before you work out. Typically Creatine products are geared toward bodybuilders and individuals lifting heavy weights. This is because the primary focus of Creatine is to assist the muscles with growth and recovery. One serving of EAS Pro Science Creatine is stated to be the equivalent of 4.4 grams of Anhydrous Creatine Base. There are about 100 servings in a container of this product, and it sells online through websites like bodybuilding.com for $14.99.

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  • This formula may be able to assist you with lean muscle growth.
  • EAS Pro Science Creatine may shorten recovery time after weight training.


  • This product does not contain ingredients to assist with fat loss.
  • EAS Pro Science Creatine does not suppress appetite or boost thermo genesis.
  • Like any Creatine-based supplement, this product may have a negative impact on your kidneys.
  • There are certain long-term side effects that pertain to Creatine, and do affect some users.


What are your weight loss or physique-sculpting goals? If you are trying to bulk up or really improve your lean body mass, then EAS Pro Science Creatine may be one supplement to consider. Then again, if you are trying to curb food cravings, and burn off calories at a faster rate, then this product is not likely for you. It is important to keep in mind that EAS Pro Science Creatine, like most EAS products, is primarily for weight training and sports nutrition.

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