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Before you make a decision to purchase a dietary supplement for weight loss, be sure to do a little research first. This is exactly why we created this review on EAS Pro Science supplement formulas. It is important to understand the type of product you are buying before you begin putting something into your body daily.

You may have encountered EAS Pro Science products in a local nutrition store before. This is a fairly common brand of supplements that endeavors to assist you with longer workouts, heavier weight training, and more overall endurance and performance. However, these formulas may not be ideal if you simply want to shed a few pounds of excess body fat.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

EAS Pro Science is a line of supplement formulas that are geared toward bodybuilders, or men and women striving to build lean muscle mass. There are eight different products presented on the official EAS Pro Science website. These are Pro Science Finish (helps build lean muscle tissue, delay muscle fatigue, and support nutrient absorption), Pro Science Armor (rejuvenates muscles, increases strength, and heightens lean muscle tissue), Pro Science Push (delays muscle fatigue, boosts endurance, and increases muscle power), Pro Science Reload (helps maintain muscle, improves strength during workouts, and assists with muscle recovery), Pro Science L-Glutamine (helps the body maintain lean muscle tissue and burn off fat), Pro Science Creatine (heightens strength and power during workouts), Pro Science CLA (helps by burning away body fat before muscle), and Pro Science HMB (reduces muscle tissue breakdown). EAS Pro Science supplements are not intended for individuals under the age of 18. Although these products cannot be purchased through the official website, they are sold in common stores like GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Abbott Nutrition, and Rite Aid.

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  • EAS Pro Science supplements may be able to assist men and women with lean muscle gain.
  • There are supplement fact labels for each product provided on the official website.
  • A convenient contact form is provided on the primary website.


  • These supplements are primarily for bodybuilding, and not weight loss.
  • EAS Pro Science products are not presented on the main website with prices.
  • You cannot purchase these supplements directly through the website.
  • It does not look like there is a 100 percent money back guarantee with EAS Pro Science products.


When it comes to purchasing a supplement formula, a great deal has to do with the goals you have in mind. If you are trying to pack on lean muscle mass, then EAS Pro Science may have something to offer you. However, if you are simply trying to shed unwanted body fat, then you may want to look into a supplement formula that burns calories, heightens thermo genesis, and suppresses hunger.

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