East Weight Loss Tea Review

Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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According to the product websites Easy Weight Loss Tea can help you burn unwanted fat and feel energized so that you can drop excess pounds quickly and easily. The tea is known as Wu-Yi, a type of oolong tea. Ingredients in oolong tea have been scientifically shown to oxidize fat and may have some thermogenic properties as well. However, we have serious doubts about the claims this “miracle” tea makes on websites marketing this product.

There are a number of factors that concern us in regards to the websites selling Easy Weight Loss Tea. First, there is very little concrete information about the ingredients or scientific evidence that the ingredients will work. We caution consumers from purchasing any diet supplement that does not readily disclose this information. Second, we were unable to find a price for the tea on any of these websites. Instead, the consumer is pushed into signing up for a “free” 14-day trial that may result in membership to a program where the customer receives the product regularly and the credit card is automatically billed for the shipment.

List of Ingredients

While it is difficult to ascertain all of the ingredients in Easy Weight Loss Tea, we did find that the product contains garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre, chromium polynicotinate, green tea, and acai berry. Most of these ingredients are fairly standard in many weight loss supplements although none stand out as particularly potent ingredients.

Garcinia cambogia and acai berry both claim to be appetite suppressants although the jury is still out on just how effective they are. Gymnema sylvestre is a natural treatment for diabetes but its effect on weight loss remains unproven. The best ingredient in this formula may be the green tea which is a proven metabolism booster that helps the body burn calories more effectively. Unfortunately, other ingredients in the mix do not maximize the effectiveness of the green tea for best results.

Product Features

The marketing for this product appears littered with grandiose claims that do not have substantial backing. For example, some of the sites offering this product state that it is not for people desiring to lose just a few pounds because the formula is too powerful for smaller weight loss goals. We find this marketing approach concerning, since it appears to be more interested in hooking customers and reeling them in rather than allowing them to make educated decisions about their weight loss products based on scientific studies and concrete information.

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  • There have been documented health benefits to drinking tea regularly.
  • The product does come with a money back guarantee


  • Product websites provide little concrete information.
  • Complete ingredient lists are not available.
  • We had difficulty finding a price for the product.
  • There aren’t many potent ingredients to offer a significant weight loss result.


It is hard to get past the hyped up marketing of the Easy Weight Loss Tea to see if the product has any real substance. While drinking tea can be a healthy habit; it is a far cry from a weight loss miracle. We would urge consumers to look for weight loss supplements that contain proven appetite suppressants and fat burners for best results.

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