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Easy Curves is a piece of fitness equipment that claims to increase breast size. Users place hands on either side of a stick. The stick has a spring in the middle. By pressing the handles toward the middle, users engage chest muscles. Theoretically, the movement would build chest muscles over time causing breasts to appear larger. The effect will not be as dramatic as Easy Curves claims and keeping breasts raised requires regular exercise to maintain muscle. Chest muscles are relatively small and burn few calories. If the user follows a weight loss diet, fat from the breast area could slim with weight loss, causing a reduction in breast size even with Easy Curves.

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Fitness equipment to lift and enlarge breasts.

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There is a study listed on the official website for Easy Curves claiming women who used the machine gained 0.8 inches in breast size during the 30-day. There is no reason to disbelieve this trial, if the women were of normal size and weight. Chest muscles worked daily will increase in size and firmness. The problem is that not every woman wishing to increase breast size is of a normal weight. Dieting may reduce breast size even if Easy Curves is used daily. Breast tissue is comprised of fat so the body may choose to burn fat from breasts at any time during weight loss.

Easy Curves will not protect women from breast fat loss during weight loss. It will help strengthen chest muscles and lift breasts, but the size depends on the amount of fat stored in the breasts. Less fat tissue means smaller size.

Easy Curves engages the same muscles as a pushup. Pushups are free. The Easy Curves equipment sells for $10 plus shipping and handling. This price is lower than other fitness equipment, but it is relatively useless. Five minutes of pushups or dumbbell presses with light weight in the gym will result in the same lifting and firming of chest muscles.

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  • Easy Curves is available from an official website.
  • Will lift breasts by toning chest muscles.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • Will not protect breast tissue from weight loss.
  • Designed for women at a normal weight.
  • May not work for everyone.


Easy Curves claims to increase breast size, but it actually lifts breasts by tightening chest muscles. Not every woman will see an increase in size, especially if they are following a weight loss diet. Breast tissue is all fat and fat loss will result in loss of breast size in most cases. Women on the official website are of an average weight. This product is not for women with weight to lose.

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