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What You Should Know

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Easy EZ Weight Loss is a dietary supplement from YoungYou. The supplement claims individuals will lose weight by taking one pill per day. In fact, the company claims dieters will lose a minimum of 10 pounds in a month. The supplement also claims to suppress appetite, increase energy and boost metabolism. This is quite a claim from any nutritional company.

The supplement is available on the official website for $49.99. So on top of extreme claims of weight loss, Easy EZ Weight Loss is out of reach for the budget-conscience dieter.

List of Ingredients


Easy EZ Weight Loss Pill Proprietary Blend:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Powder Extract
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • D-Ribose
  • L-Camiline
  • Camelia Sinensis Leaf
  • Coenzime Q-10
  • Bioperine

Product Features

Easy EZ Weight Loss is dietary supplement claiming to suppress appetite, boost metabolism and increase energy. The supplement also claims dieters will lose more than the average amount of weight in one month. Nowhere on the website is there information relating to clinical trials, scientific research or customer testimonials. YoungYou assumes dieters will merely take the word of the company as it relates to weight management.

The supplement is available on the official website for $49.99. This is rather expensive compared to similar diet supplements. Although the price tag is a bit on the high side, there is a positive of having the supplement available on the official website. Easy EZ Weight Loss comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Taking a closer look at the ingredients list leads us to debunking several claims. The company states you will not feel jittery, yet recommends not taking the supplement before bed. A key ingredient is Citrus Aurantium, a thermogenic ingredient. The ingredient is listed in a proprietary blend so dieters are not privy to the exact amount in the supplement. There is a chance you will consume more than you body can handle.

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  • The supplement is available on the official website.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee.


  • The supplement will not guarantee weight loss.
  • There are no scientific studies or clinical trials associated with the supplement.
  • Easy EZ Weight Loss is expensive.
  • There are no customer testimonials available on the website.
  • The supplement does not contain proven weight loss ingredients.


Easy EZ Weight Loss is a bit misleading. Weight loss is not easy. You cannot simply take a diet pill and lose weight. Dieters need to incorporate the right supplement based upon a healthy diet plan and exercise routine. When a company makes claims not supported by clinical trials or scientific research, you may want to consider an alternative.

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