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Easy GI Diet is a book written by Helen Foster, geared towards informing consumers about the glycemic index and how to eat a proper low GI Diet. Foster claims that eating low GI foods decreases the risk of several disease, including diabetes and heart disease, and also may help dieters lose weight due to the low glucose and caloric levels of low GI foods. The low GI Diet is a popular method of maintaining and losing weight for consumers and celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez.

Easy GI Diet is popular diet book that is raved by consumers and experts, due to how it offers dieters information about how the GI Diet works and how to incorporate it into different lifestyles, including vegetarian lifestyles. Examples and anecdotal information are also said to captivate dieters’ interests. Easy GI Diet can be purchased in bookstores or online for £6.49; this appears to be a UK-exclusive book, but may be shipped to the United States upon request.


Dieters are prescribed to eat a diet rich in low GI foods.

Product Features

Easy GI Diet is split into different sections with pictorial examples in a clear, easy to read format, organized into informational section, diet plan sections, and charts that organize GI foods in separate categories. The informational section covers the health reasons for utilizing a low GI Diet, how glucose levels affects the body, and why a GI Diet may promote weight loss in some individuals. The GI Diet Plans, which cover the types of foods that should be eaten on the plan, are said to be easy to follow due to its no nonsense approach. Dieters rave about this book because of its easy, simple format that does not place serious restrictions on what to eat. There is scientific evidence a low GI Diet may have some benefits. Eating low GI foods may reduce the risk of developing Type II Diabetes due to how it affects glucose levels. There is less evidence it may help dieters lose weight, but one study has revealed that a low GI Diet may stimulate some weight loss in obese individuals.

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  • Testimonials rave about Easy Gi Diet’s easy, readable format and clear diet plans.
  • May be suitable for those suffering from Type II Diabetes.


  • Is currently available in the United Kingdom, and may not be available for worldwide purchase.
  • Some criticize the GI Diet for focusing more on reducing certain health risks instead of promoting weight loss.
  • Is more informational and does not focus exclusively on weight loss.


Easy GI Diet is a simple and affordable diet book for those who wish to learn more about the GI Diet, and for those who have purchased the product, they say Easy GI Diet is a winner. As with all diets, however, it may not suit their individual needs, and dieters may not experience the type of weight loss experienced by some participants.

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