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Easy Slim Hoodia Slimming Patches are diet patches that are infused with a combination of herbal and stimulant extracts, including the popular herb Hoodia Gordonii, a native African plant rumored to have potent appetite suppressing powers once absorbed. The patch is placed on the skin for an extended period of time, replacing the need to swallow diet supplements, which may be a convenient method for those who do not have the time to follow a supplement regimen. Although the use of patches for dietary methods are still under scrutiny for not being as legitimate as claimed, it is still a popular alternative to diet pills amongst consumers.

Purchasing these patches may be difficult for consumers, whoever. Easy Slim Hoodia Slimming Patches are currently sold online in 30 day supply kits, costing approximately $39.42 per kit, and has limited availability on the Internet. It is not clear why this is the case, but it is only offered for sale by few sites, mostly based in Europe. The inconvenience of purchase will probably not be an issue for dieters who want to try out this product, however.


A full ingredient list could not be obtained. It is stated that it contains Hoodia Gordonii and Guarana Extract.

Product Features

Easy Slim Hoodia Slimming Patches says it contains Hoodia Gordonii and Guarana Extract, which are said to promote appetite suppression and increase energy levels. This may not be far from the truth. Studies conducted on Hoodia Gordonii reveal that it contains a specific chemical, P57, which does produce an appetite suppressing effect. Although few diet companies have been granted the right to use the legitimate Hoodia supplement (many use synthetic version instead, which does not contain the P57 chemical), this is intriguing and positive news for dieters.

Guarana Extract is another ingredient that has documented abilities as a energy stimulant. According to recent research done on the stimulant, Guarana has similar properties to caffeine, stimulating the central nervous system in the same fashion and delaying fatigue signals. It may also carry a slew of side effects when used in higher doses however, including nervousness, rapid heartbeat, and dehydration.

Additionally, it is unknown how well patches help with the absorption of ingredients, and experts question the legitimacy of weight loss patches.

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  • Contains Hoodia Gordonii, which has been proven to contain a chemical that suppresses the appetite.
  • Is packaged in a convenient patch form, which can be simply placed on the arm for an extended period of time.


  • Guarana Extract may have a diuretic effect, which could lead to dehydration.
  • Has limited availability online.
  • Current evidence does not show that patches are more effective at supplementing the body with appropriate formulation.


Easy Slim Hoodia Slimming Patches offers a convenient, hassle free way to receive diet formulation without swallowing dangerous pills or taking shots. This has not been shown to be an effective method of administering supplementation, however. It does contain Hoodia Gordonii, however, and if this is a legitimate form of the herb, it may help dieters suppress their appetite and lessen cravings.

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