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Easyweigh to Lose Weight is a weight loss book penned by Allen Carr, an author who originally drew fame due to the success of his “stop smoking” book Easyway to Stop Smoking. First published in 1997, Easyweigh to Lose Weight became just as famous as his first book, and generally received good remarks from consumers and experts, stating that his book offered sensible, manageable tips for losing weight safely and effectively. Easyweigh to Lose Weight is waning in popularity due to its age, however, and it may be difficult to purchase this book in print. Various retailers, such as Amazon.com, sell the book for roughly $9.00 per paperback copy, however.

Although the advice offered throughout his book may be considered outdated, dieters evidently still turn to his book for advice on dieting and healthy eating. Tips and advice about how to eat naturally are littered through the book, and no fad diets are included, making this a coveted book by many nutritionists and dietitians. Carr may not have lived to see the full success of his diet book — he died in 2006 from lung cancer – but it is clear thousands of dieters still depend on his book for common advice about dieting.


Carr prescribes dieters to eat a natural, balanced diet with no restrictions on what or what not to eat. Calorie counting is not recommended and he offers dieters tips for learning how to eat based on hunger signals.

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Easyweigh to Lose Weight puts a emphasis on learning how to eat based on hunger cues and cravings, once the appetite is trained to like natural, wholesome foods. Junk food and sugary products are the only products banned from the diet, which is claimed to be the source of weight gain amongst most overweight individuals. Most experts agree on this basis, and several experts have posted positive testimonials on websites selling his book. Ironically, his no-nonsense approach is also a complaint shared by many consumers — many state that his advice is too common and not helpful to those seeking specific information about appropriate dieting. It appears his book is either hit or miss with dieters.

General information seems to be the basis of Carr’s book, and while following his tips may be recommend by many experts, it may not offer the type of advice sought out by many dieters.

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  • Panned a sensible, realistic guide for dieters by many experts.
  • Calorie counting or extreme diets are not recommended by Carr.


  • Appears to only offer generalized information.
  • May be difficult to get — few companies are offering this book for print.
  • Dieters criticize the book for not offering specific information about dieting.


Easyweigh to Lose Weight may offer general, sensible advice about dieting, but this is clearly advice dieters do not want, as evidenced by numerous testimonials. While experts may be raving about his dieting guide, dieters may want something with more information about specific eating and exercising tips.

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