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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Eat at Ease is a UK-based website with a free annual membership. Dieters can access tips for a healthy weight loss diet, weight loss tools and advice from a registered dietician. All users can fill out a diet profile for personalized diet tips and menus. The information on Eat at Ease is readily available from a long list of other free websites. The only difference between Eat at Ease and other websites is the ability to connect with a registered dietician in person through the website.

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Diet website with tips, tricks, tools and advice.

Product Features

When users sign up for Eat at Ease, they can access a personal diet profile, weight loss tips, forum and advice from a registered dietician. If the dieter wants to meet with a dietician in person, they can arrange that meeting through the website. The website is based in the UK so we assume the dieticians will also be located outside the United States.

What does Eat at Ease offer that websites like do not? Nothing. There are no new weight loss findings or unique tips and tricks. Information on weight loss is based on healthy eating and exercise. There is a banner on the side of the website advertising a sign-up cost. The first sentences on the page clearly state annual membership is now free so we assume this banner is old and has simply not been removed from the website.

Dieters may find good dieting and exercise advice from the Eat at Ease website, but again, there is nothing spectacular about the program. We found no reference to a specific eating plan so dieters will still need to find a diet to follow for weight loss.

Supplements are not addressed on the front page but there is a section on the truth about detox diets. We often review detox diets and supplements and suggest that dieters steer clear of these for weight loss purposes.

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  • Free access to diet and exercise advice.
  • Portions of the website are written by registered dieticians.
  • May help the dieter with forum support.


  • Nothing on the website is new or exciting.
  • The website is not created with easy navigation in mind.
  • The dieter can gain the same information free from other websites.
  • Some of the information on the website is confusing.


Eat at Ease is a free website providing information for dieters. The information is available free online from various trusted websites presented in a more professional manner. We suggest the dieter take a browse through the website and read articles, tips and tricks for weight loss, but they should not expect the end-all answer for weight loss.

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