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Eat Better America is a nutrition and fitness website run by General Mills, a food super giant responsible for creating the brands Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, and hosts the site as a helpful resource for consumers for tips and recipes on lowering the caloric content on food. Their site emphasizes healthy, wholesome dieting, with an emphasis on organic, natural food and providing optimum nutrition daily, and their recipes tend to reflect this emphasis. Accessing all of its features — and cashing in on the coupons offered by General Mills — is free, and only requires a quick sign up on their front page.

The variety of recipes, tips, and easily accessible information about dieting and exercise makes this a useful resource for first-time dieters or dieters seeking new, medically-backed information about dieting, and the diabetic-friendly recipes and tips appear to be already a hit with dieters. As evidenced on its website, however, the tips are very general and does not accommodate every fitness or dieting lifestyle.


General Mills offers a variety of low-calorie recipes and tips on Eat Better America, along with an online community, accessible through the Eat Better America homepage.

Product Features

Eat Better America offers various information for dieters to access for free once they sign up with the site — not all information is available for guests. Information included on their website are healthy recipes, which usually include high-calorie dishes made “healthy” by utilizing more natural ingredients, tips for eating a more nutritionally-sound diet, how to eat a diet to lower the chance of developing certain conditions (such as diabetes or health disease), and fitness tips. There is also an online community, which includes various blogs authored by registered dietitians and forums to discuss dieting concerns. It may offer helpful online support for those seeking a community setting; it does not require paying a membership fee, unlike other dieting communities available.

Its advice may be medically-backed and legitimate, but the advice offered is very general — information available is already known and is available on numerous sites. It also does not accommodate the needs of specific diets, such as low-carb or vegetarian diets. It does offer information about diabetic and low-fat diets, but this is the extent of information offered. It may be useful as a quick go-to source for obtaining basic information about dieting, but it may not offer enough support for dieters, especially those on specific diets.

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  • Is completely free, but does require a quick sign up to access all information.
  • Offers medically-proven advice about dieting and exercise.


  • Only offers generalized advice.
  • Does not offer recipes that accommodate certain diets, such as low-carb diets.
  • There is an emphasis on General Mills products, which tend to be processed and non-organic food.


Eat Better America is a helpful resource for dieters who need basic advice about dieting, but more specific advice should be sought elsewhere. The free coupons and online community is a plus though, and may offer support not obtainable on the official website.

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    pat soper

    Whatever happened to Betty Crocker’s orange/cranberry muffin mix. My Shop-rite doesn’t carry it any more?


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    Mary Ambriz

    I live in Houston, Texas and I was wondering if you advertise your website on television?