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Eat Clean Recharged is an updated version of the Eat Clean diet written by Tosco Reno. The new version contains more information and more recipes to help you improve your health. The program has helped Reno become a successful model and has been used by Hollywood celebrities.

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Eat Clean Recharged contains the same information on how to eat right to lose weight and get healthy, while also including information to help you get through menopause as well as get rid of cellulite. It also gives advice on how to get you motivated and keep you that way until you reach your goals. The main idea behind Eat Clean is that you should eat as much food as possible that is in its natural and pure state. The idea behind the diet is that you should not eat processed foods, or anything that contains preservatives, artificial sweeteners, trans or saturated fats. You should avoid soda, alcohol, and white flour. Do not use a low carbohydrate intake diet as this can cause you to become really tired and weak. Your diet should be made up of complex carbs and lean proteins. To keep you from getting hungry and to control portion size, you should eat six smaller meals per day. To get your complex carbs, you should eat plenty of whole grains and fresh produce. Healthy fats found in fish, nuts, seeds, and avocados should be in no less than two of your daily meals. In addition, you should drink plenty of water, at least two liters every day, and you should always eat breakfast to keep the body properly fueled.

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  • Eat Clean Recharged encourages you to eat a wide variety of healthy foods without removing entire food groups.
  • This program recommends exercise on a regular basis.
  • This program can be followed as a permanent lifestyle change.


  • Eat Clean Recharged may be hard to stick to for long periods of time because it is not convenient for those who are busy all the time.
  • People following this plan will need to spend more time on meal planning and preparation.
  • The weight loss you will experience on this plan may take a long time to become apparent.
  • This program is not easy to follow when you are eating out or in social situations.


Eat Clean Recharged is a healthy program to follow, even for the long term. With options for vegetarians, vegans, and even those who do not want to eat gluten, there is a way to make this plan work for everyone. If you can stick to the whole, pure, clean foods, you will see weight loss. Add in proven weight loss supplement, and you’ll see more results even faster.

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