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According to Dr. Mary Enig, eating more healthy fats can help people lose more weight. The book is titled Eat Fat Lose Fat and it describes healthy fats, including coconut oil, that work with the body to increase metabolism and fat burn. There is an official website for Eat Fat Lose Fat and other books by Dr. Mary Enig and Sara Fallon. Fallon writes the introduction in the Eat Fat Lose Fat book. The book attempts to convince readers of the safety of saturated fats like those found in butter and coconut oil. There are three sections to the book, each one defining a different style of diet based on the needs of the reader. The sections are Quick and Easy Weight Loss, Health Recovery and Everyday Gourmet.

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Information on healthy fats for weight loss and improved health.

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For ages, dieticians have tried to convince people of the dangers of saturated fats. According to Eat Fat Lose Fat, saturated fats are not the demons dieticians claim. Fats like coconut oil and butter are healthy when consumed with other natural oils rich in omega fatty acids.

The book includes a long list of recipes useful for improved health or weight loss. There are a number of references to the Atkins diet for weight loss, though the author claims Atkins did not give proper attention to coconut oil or coconut milk. Coconut is heavily promoted throughout the book. Coconut is known to have a laxative effect, so weight loss associated with the diet could be considered unhealthy, but that depends on how the diet is followed.

A typical problem with low carbohydrate, high fat diets is constipation. Dieters simply have trouble having bowel movements so coconut oil may be a fantastic solution to this common problem. Unfortunately, the focus on coconut may be a bit overpowering for some dieters. One section of the Eat Fat Lose Fat book details a one-day menu that serves up coconut seven times. This may be too much coconut for the average dieter, even if they are having trouble with bowel movements on a low carb plan.

There are very few details about the healing portion of the book, but we assume the author links coconut to improved health and reduced risk of disease. There is a research section of the official website with references to journals and outside publications supporting fat consumption for improved cholesterol levels and reduced weight.

Eat Fat Lose Fat sells on for $10 in paperback. Most reviews of the book are fantastic with fewer than 10 out of 100 total reviews being negative.

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  • Great customer reviews of the book.
  • Promotes eating healthy fats for weight loss.
  • Costs less than other self-help books.


  • Promotes a low carb diet, which is hard to follow for long periods.
  • Eating coconut seven times a day may be hard for some dieters.
  • Coconut is a natural laxative.


The Eat Fat Lose Fat diet is all about improving health and reducing body weight by eating more fat. The science behind the book is backed with clinical research, but that does not mean the dieter will lose weight with ease. Low carb, high fat eating is a difficult plan to follow for more than a few weeks as it takes dedication.

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