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Eat for Health is written by the author of Eat to Live, Joel Fuhrman. He is a medical doctor who specializes in holistic healing and nutrition. While the doctor says it is important to lose weight, he also makes it known that weight loss is not the primary focus of his program. The Eat for Health program was built to help people prevent disease, as well as reverse the effects of current diseases they may have. Weight loss just happens to be an additional benefit of the overall goal of better health. This program is designed for long term use because it helps you learn how to make new healthy habits, to replace your old ones. You can get in better control of your overall health for the rest of your life using what the book teaches.

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The main concept of the Eat for Health program is the nutrient density of foods you eat. Because the majority of individuals do not get enough nutrients from the foods they eat, which leads to cravings and eating too much. These practices therefore increase the likelihood of getting a preventable disease. In his book, he presents a four stage plan so people can make gradual adjustments to their diets so they don’t get overwhelmed and give up. Every stage progresses with more nutrient dense food choices that are healthier for you. There is no time limit on how long one can stay in a phase, so there is no need to feel obligated to move faster than you want to. Making the changes gradually also allows for you to let go of the psychological dependence on the unhealthy food choices.

The more your replace your bad food with good, you will start to see you are “resetting” your taste buds and hunger signals. You will start to feel hungry less often, while also craving more healthy foods when you are hungry. You will start to lose weight, and you can do it without actually dieting.

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  • This program encourages a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • This program educates the reader so he or she can be in better control of the lifestyle.
  • This program does not focus on weight loss so much as overall health.


  • Most people will be spending more time and money on food and food preparation.
  • The program is hard to stick to when dining out and in some social situations.
  • The lower intake of protein and fat will make the program hard for some people to get used to.


The Eat for Health program is proven to help reduce the risk of many diseases, and is backed by more than 20,000 studies. Though it is a good approach to weight loss as a byproduct of getting healthy, many people will have trouble adjusting to the requirements and may have issues sticking with the program.

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